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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 2, part 2

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Hairy with Boomush on her back followed her and Dari tried not to be left behind. She starts to move her feet faster, which was not too easy because of deep sand in which her feet sank almost half way to the knees.
It got better when they reach the palms and some sort of the hard trail lay under their feet.
The shadow of the palms was helpful too. After a few minutes they were looking on the hill, erected from the palms in front of them.
«Let’s go around the hill, we probably will found the cave in the rear,” Rina said.
« How do you know?” Dari was tired, sweaty and angry because of it and her voice shows it.
« I can feel it,» Rina smiled.
«So let’s go and we will rest in the cool air of the cave and even we will be able to get something to eat and drink from our bags.”
Dari start to feel how hungry she is after she heard about food and the possibility to get something to eat revive her. She practically runs after Rina and Hairy.
And Rina was right- they find the cave in the rear of the hill and stepped into it and cool air wrapped them around like big friendly hands.
«Oh how good it is to get in cool cave,” Dari almost dance with joy around Rina.
«I am glad that you are not angry anymore; it is not good to be angry or feel other negative emotions in this land,» Rina’s voice sounds strange in the cave and Dari stops, forgetting to put her leg down.
«I think that this Moreva is some deity who feeds on the people anger, fear and other negative emotions and she can feel it and it could help her find us before I realize how to defeat her,” Rina said while she starts the fire and opens the saddle bags which she took from the Hairy’s back.
Doomush already got down and was scouting around the cave with very troubled look in his eyes.
Hairy was drinking water from small pond near the cave’s wall. Her snout was all wet and she looks happy.
“All right,” Rina said,
“ All gather here around the fire and let’s eat and rest. We will have very long day tomorrow.”
They eat something like mix of hot cereal with few kinds of meat – beef, chicken, pork and duck. It was so good that Dari could not help but licked her bowl just Hairy did with her’s.
Tea with herbs was the good finish for the meal and they all lay down on the furs, which also were in the saddle bags.
«How much things are in this bags, “Dari thought while dream’s fog starting to cover her minds and next minute she stepped in the kingdom of the dream goddess Firal. In her dream she met her family happy and safe. Her sleeping face became happy and calm as it used to be before.
«Poor girl. It is good that in her dream she could be happy again and do not repeat the drama she had,» Rina addresses to Hairy and dog wave her tail like she understand and agreed with Rina.
« Tomorrow you and Boomush will stay here and guard our things and our little girl. I’ll go to see what’s going on in this country,” said Rina, laying down and covering her self by warm soft fur’s blanket. Hairy and Boomush didn’t move but it was clear that they heard Rina.
Sun rays were running around stone walls and ricochets from the pond’s water to Dari’s face. It feels like some one touched her chicks with warm friendly hand like her mother used to do. Dari does not want to open here eyes. She wanted this moment to continue as long as possible, returning her in her happy life with family. But she understands that she needs to wake up, open her eyes and continue her training with the sword of freedom.
It was very quite in the cave, she can hear only sound of dripping water from the deep inside the cave and someone breathing. She opens her eyes and understand that it was Hairy’s breathing. There was nobody else in the cave – just her and the dog.
“Rina may be gone outside for wood,”. Dari thought and went through the cave entrance under the bright sunshine.
But Rina was not there, only Boomush was lying near the entrance with his eyes closed but ears alert.
«There is Rina?” asked Dari, as he could answer her. But she feels that she would not be very surprised if he really can answer her.
Suddenly she‘s got the strange feeling like she does know there is Rina, like someone just said her it without the words. She understands that Rina went to the nearby city to see what is going on in this country and may be to get something to eat to all of them. And when she was thinking about the food she just feels how hungry she is. Next strange outside thought was about the food that had been left for her in one of the bags.
«Thank you Boomush for your answers,” Dari could not understand how she knew that these strange thoughts were from the cat but she was sure they were.
After very light breakfast she start to think what to do now and decided that she would not throw away time she has and just will continue the training. She needs only the sword and she saw yesterday there Rina put it.
Dari opened other bag and took the sword from it. It feels like she met a good friend. Sword was warm and her hands were much more used to it then before.
«Al right, I’ll go see if here any place suitable for my training around, “ said she to Hairy and dog stands up and moved toward the bushes on the right side of the hill moving her tail and looking on Dari like saying:
« Common, follow me, I know what do you need and there it is.”
«Thank you Hairy, lead the way,” Dari was not surprised that dog can understand her like she was not surprised that cat can communicate with her. She thought that now nothing would surprise her.
And when they go through the bushed and she saw the good place for training she just starts to follow previous Rina’s recommendations. She goes around the place with the sword in her hands. Hairy laid down in the bush’s shadow and keep looking how Dari is moving around.
It seems that her eyes talked with Dari and encourage her to move and to try keeping her head empty, like Rina instructed her before.
After a while Dari got the feeling that sword became too have and her feet turned into two stones which she has to move with all her strength.
«I’d better rest a while, “ she thought, but something or someone tells her inside her head
« Do not rest; try to move few more rounds and you’ll get it.”
«What will I get?” Dari was angry with this voice, with her tired self and with the feeling that she could not learn how to fight by this foolish going around moves.
«You’ll get into the soaring state and when you’ll get all you need,” answered her inner voice
«Oh, yah? And I’ll be the queen of the world, or better I’ll be the Ruler of the Universe, or may be I’ll be this stone, or this sun, or this wind, or this blue sky,» Dari starts with the great anger but after she renames herself a few times she understand that her anger and tiredness just fade away and after she rename herself to “blue sky” she starts to feel the wings on her back and the light breeze on her face just like she was soaring in the sky.
Suddenly her hands took the sword in some strange position, but she understands that this position is just what she needs to fight.
And it was about time, because two men appeared in front of her from out of nowhere and attacked her with their swords.

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