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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 2, part 3

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. She blocked one sword and jumped left to avoid another. But though she or mostly her body knows how to fight she could deal with one not all two at the time. It seems that Hairy thinks so as well and she jumped on the second man with all her weight and clips him to the ground with her big paws.
«Thanks,» Dari said attacking the first man and blocking his attack. The sound of clenching swords cover previously peaceful and quiet woods. Dari’s attacks were so strong and unusual, that first man could not block them and after a while choose to run.
Second man was lying still under the Hairy’s control until Dari came near with the shiny sword in her hand. When he tried to get free but it was impossible and Dari ropes his hands and feet. After that she took a look on his face and see that he was young and not bad looking. Actually if his face would be clean and clothes new he could be even handsome.
«Why did you attack me?” Dari shook him with anger; she was not cooling from fight yet and was shaking inside and out.
«What did you want?”
«We thought that you were playing with the sword and do not know how to fight, so we wanted to take you sword and may be something else you have,» he tried to avoid her eyes which were firing at him as lightening, but she would not allow him to turn his head and continues to look in his eyes.
«We were wrong, you are excellent fighter, perhaps you spotted us and were pretend that you do not know how to fight to drove us out and to defeat us.” His head finally get down when Dari lose her grip on his shoulders.
«No, I didn’t know how to fight and I didn’t see you two, I was just trying to learn how to fight and got it right just before your arrival, » she starts to cool down and her heart starts to beat calmly.
«No way,» he said.
«It can’t be possible, that you just start to learn. I saw you fighting with Archiee and believe me he is quite a fighter.”
«I am telling you the truth but I have no intention to argue with you. If you do not believe me, it’s your business. I just want to know who are you and how much of you are in the forest?”
«I am Balder the 3 rd. Prince of this land.”
«Oh yah? If so I am the Mistress of this forest.”
« Please believe me, I am really a prince.”
« But what do you do in the forest; attacking people and why do you dressed like this?” Dari still could not believe that he is a prince. She saw the count of her land once. He was so well dressed and had so much servants around him, who were well dressed either, that this man could not even be considered as the servant, left alone the noble man.
«It is very long story,” Balder said. And I am very tired and hungry to tell it now.
«I have some food left, but we should go to the cave to get it. Could you promise me that you would not try to attack me again, and I’ll unrope you?”
«Al right, I promise, besides you have so much sword’s skills and so big and scary dog that I would not attack you again even without a promise.”
«Oh, I forgot to ask you, how it happen that you was not afraid of dog before you attack me?”
« You know we didn’t notice the dog. It seems like you were alone here and the dog just appear from the thin air out of nowhere.”
«May be Hairy has some Rina’s skills too.” Dari said to herself, but Balder hears it and asks.
«Who is Rina?”
«Rina is my Master\Teacher and she is really the Master with many skills. And Hairy is her dog, so may be she took after Rina some of her skills and could became invisible or just could make enemy’s eyes do not see her,» explains Dari while unropping him.
«You are free now, let’s go now to our cave and see what is left there to eat.”
They went though the bushes and after a few steps a cave entrance appeared in front of them.
It was very funny picture, because they see Archiee sitting on the ground with Boomush on his head and Boomush cloves near Archiee’s eyes. A lot of bruises on Archie’s face show that there was some fight.
Boomush was hissing each time Archie tried to move and poor man had to sit still in fear to lose his eyes.
«Good kitty, Boomush,»Dari said getting near him.
«Thank you very much for holding Archie for me, but now you can let him free. I hope he would not attack us again.
Boomush jumped down from Archiee’s head with the winner’s looks on his face and came near Hairy trying to reach her snout like he was saying something to her. She got her head down and sniffed his ear, like she was answering him.
«Oh I see you two already told each other about your fight’s results, “ Dari smiled and tried to pet Hairy and Boomush. Hairy accept it with waving tail and tail of Boomush was waving too, but cat’s tail has opposite language than dog’s, so Dari got her hand up from his head.
« May be I didn’t earn his love and respect yet,” she thought.
«All right, if all are free let’s go inside and you will tell me why prince was acting like common outlaw and what’s going on in your country,» Dari said going inside the cave.

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