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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 2, part 4

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Hairy. Boomush, Balder and Archie followed her and soon they got to the place there fire was. Now only parts of charcoal were there and Dari starts to collect more wood from around the cave. There were a lot of branches may be they were brought here by flooding last spring.
«Hey boys, do not stand like you are royalty, oh sorry, of course you are, but anyway do not stand, help me to get more woods and we will be able to cook something (if we are lucky and there are something left in the bags) and of course we will be able to boil water for tea and it is not bad because even if we do not have something to eat the tea will help with hunger. You know, Rina’s tea is magical;” Dari was talking more than usually to help her self to find right tone with the prince (if he really is a prince). She never met prince before and of course she doesn’t know how to speak with one.
Prince and Archie start to collect the wood too and soon the pale of wood had been enough for good fire.
Dari starts the fire and puts the teapot with water on it. Unfortunately there was no food left in the bags so they had to deal with hunger only by the tea. But as she said before- Rina’s tea was magical and when they start to drink it the hunger fade and they could talk.
“I am sorry that we met under such circumstances,» Balder said
“In other time I’d invite you to the castle and you’ll try the famous food of our country- the stew with armisoles. It is the secret herb which helps to get strength, happiness and health. But I think that the herbs in this tea are practically the same because I feel much better now and can tell you a little about our problem. A little not because I do not trust you, but because I, myself do not understand what happened.”
“To describe it better I should start with the history of your country. Long ago, around may be 100 years ago, there were a big war between our country and some surrounding counties and during the war the life of the people was getting harder and harder. And some people were using it to start revolution against the King. They said that they will give the lands to peasants and freedom to slaves and lower the taxes, etc., etc.
Of course people started to listen to them and finally remove the King and even killed him and all his family along with small children. After that the people who took the power started to feel unbeatable and they dropped all the promises they gave. They started to rule without laws only by their own will, peasants became worse than slaves and workers could not defeat their rights. Nobel people and all rich people had been imprisoned or killed and you understand that the life for all except these people in power became much worse than it was under the King’s rules.
Year after year this country was falling apart and all citizens had been suffered until they decided that they should do something.
In great secrecy they wrote to my father who was the son of later King’s small brother. My father had been lucky and was not killed because he was studying abroad when all tragedy happened. And he lived abroad ever since.
People asked him to return to the country and helped to restore the King’s law and order. The government of the country there he lived agreed to help him with the army and he returned to his kingdom with this army.
Most of the people were happy to have him as their new King, but the group of people who were in power during these dark years was not so happy of course. They decided to kill him as they killed his uncle before. It was not easy because he became a King and his army had been increased by his citizens. But his enemies didn’t lose hope to find some way to return in power and they finally found it.
They asked dark deity Moreva for help and she agreed to help them. After that strange and scary things started to happen. My father – King disappeared and nobody could find him. Some people who were loyal to him started to get ill and died. Other people who were loyal turns to his enemies, to save themselves from such bad destiny and King’s enemies returned to power.
I do not know why Moreva agreed to help them and what she was getting in return but I do know that we could not defeat her.”

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