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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 3 part 1

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Chapter 3

“Here you are wrong, “said familiar voice and Rina entered the cave.
“We can defeat her, it would not be easy but we can do it especially with your, prince Balder, help, “ Rina sat near the fire and pet Hairy and Boomush, who was sleeping near Balder’s feet.
“Oh,» Dari thought
“It seems that Balder already earn Boomush love but how? He didn’t do anything good to him or to us all.”
“Dari do you her me?»Rina’s voice interrupted Dari’s thoughts about the problem with earning Boomush trust and love.
“Yes, I’ve heard you,” Dari said without thinking and just after saying this she understand that Rina would know that Dari was not listening and does not know what Rina was saying.
“Al right, I’ll repeat it : I think that we should now eat and left all talking for tomorrow.”
“But we do not have anything to eat,” Dari shows empty bags to Rina.
“We have only tea. It is great tea but it couldn’t take away our hunger forever.”
“Do not worry, I brought some food for us,”Rina opens big bag, which she was carrying with her, and Dari sees loaf of bread, bottle of milk and few apples.
“This is so good, how did you get it?”Dari asked while she was trying to break loaf for equal parts.
“It was easy,” Rina helped her and gave her cups for milk from Hairy’s saddle bags.
“I helped some peasants to heal their son and they paid me for the help with this food.”
When all food was gone Rina said
“Now we have to sleep and in the morning I’ll tell you what do we have to do is to defeat Moreva.”
She was still saying that when they heard accurate steps and whisper near the cave entrance.
Dari, Balder and Archie jumped up and took their swords, starring in the darkness.
Rina was remain calm and said
«Perhaps it is other peasant’s family. I think they heard that here is the healer and want me to heal someone. It was not very wise of me to help those peasants; they surely told all about my help and now we will see visitors very often and it could drove unnecessary attention to our cave. But I can’t stop myself when someone is in need.”
“It is not good; I have to learn to avoid it. But now it is too late and I’ll help these people.”
«Come in, “ she said in loud voice,
“What the problem brought you here?”
Old man and woman stepped inside and Balder turns in shock to them.
«Mastlis, Darta how did you get here? We thought that you are dead. And do you know something about my father? There is he? “ Balder was practically crying in great agitation.
«Your highness, prince, we are so happy to see you too.” Man said with deep voice.
«I’ll tell you all about us, but permit me now to speak with the healer; your father’s life is at steak.”
Rina stepped forward and said:
“It is good to meet you again, I’ve tried to find you today but nobody knew there you are. Sorry that I could not arrive faster, but I remembered about your request all the time.”
«Thank you very much that you find the time to visit our country and help us, “ woman glanced on Rina, her voice was shaky and thin.
«We were hopping that you’ll answer to our prayers; the situation here is getting worse and worse.”
«Darta, “ Balder stopped her, “Where is my father?”
«Your highness , please forgive us, we can’t say now where he is the only thing that we can say is that he is alive but not well, “Darta bowed to him and went behind Mastlis.
He shook his head and said:
“Do not be angry with us, your highness, we are under oath do not tell anybody about King’s shelter. Even you can’t know it. It’s for your own good. They could get this information from you, if you’ll be captured.”
«I would never tell them even under the torture,” Balder shouted.
«Oh, now it is much worse, they do not need to torture someone to get the information, they can read minds. Moreva helps them with her powers.”
«Calm down Balder,” Rina puts her hand on his shoulder and prince starts to breath rhythmically, then set down and closed his eyes.
«He will sleep a little and after that he will be more adequate and calm. And now we can discuss our problem without interruptions.» She invites Darta and Mastlis to sit down near her and glanced at Dari :
“ It will be better if you and Archie go outside and scout around the cave to prevent anybody to catch us in surprise.”
Dari nodded but thinks that Rina just wanted them outside so they would not hear the discussion, because if someone appears be near the cave Rina would know instantly, even before the cave entrance would be spotted.
«Hey Archie,»Dari touched him,
« Let’s go.” But he didn’t answer and when she looked at him she noticed that he is asleep.
«Rina, he is asleep,”whispered Dari, being afraid to awake him.
«Do not bother to whisper,” Rina stands up and went toward Archiee
« He is just pretending to hear what we will talk about and after that to tell all of it to his new Masters. Right, Archie?”
Archie jumped up and tried to run to cave entrance, but Hairy was faster she knock him down and steps on him like she did before with Balder.
Rina reached him but as soon as she touched his hand he cried in agony and breathed his last breath.
«Oh Grotes,” Rina said in angry voice
«He was under the spell of Moreva and he was spying on Balder, hopping that he will lead himto King’s shelter. Unfortunately this spell leads to self distraction when spy is uncovered.”

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