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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 3, part 2

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« Could you revive him?» Dari was so shocked by this sudden death that she wanted to turn it back and was hopping that Rina can do it.
«I do not think that I can,”Rina shook her head,
«Moreva used something inside his mind to connect with her spell, something that was similar to her vibrations. And when two similarities are connected it is impossible to break it. It is very interesting abilities of minds- to attract the similar vibrations and to bond with it. But it makes easier to protect yourself- try to increase positive vibration of your mind by positive thinking and negative spells would not have anything similar in your mind to connect with.”
Dari was disappointed; she thought that Rina can do anything. And of course Rina read her thoughts as usual, and saw this disappointment.
«Do not think that there is some great wizard or Master who could helped people in any situations, even if this situations had been created by people themselves.” Rina touched Dari’s head and smiles.
« The one and only great Master for everybody is their own inner work. Wizards and Masters could only point this work to necessary directions and show a few tools which would help people on their way to freedom.”
«And speaking of freedom, I’d like to say that you are made great progress with the sword of freedom and it is very good because it could help us tremendously in the next few days. We will start very hard battle with Moreva and though this battle will be mostly in minds and spirits, the sword’s fight would be there too.» Rina went back to her spot near the fire, scratched Hairy’s ear and said:
« Let’s talk about our plans.”
Dari stands up planning to go outside like Rina told her before all this happened with Archie, but Rina stopped her. « Do not bother, I said this before only because I’d like to test Archie –I thought he may be the spy for Moreva and I was right, as usual. I hate to be right all the time, but no matter. Let’s talk.”
Dari set down and starts to feed the fire while Rina explains what she discovered today in her trip.
«Today I’ve tried to understand why Moreva got so much power over your people, “ said Rina turning to Darta and Mastlis.
«You told me when you visiting me that people are getting very easily under her spells and nobody could free them from it. And today we saw how it works with Archiee.
«As I said before it could be due to the some similarities between the vibration of Moravia’s spells and people minds and spirits.
« The problem is to find why such vibration appears in mind of your people. I have a few ideas about it.
One idea connects us with the time of the first rebellion. People were very angry that time and they wanted to get that they thought was rightfully theirs and that rich people took from them. And thought in some part they were right» rich people did took more than they should in high taxes, low work payments, etc. But taking it by force people inevitable crossed the border and took much more than belongs to them and even took lives. It was the first step bringing them closer to Moravia’s vibrations. The dark emotions like envy, greed, merciless had been seeded in them. And after a time it gained deep roots and produced deadly flowers which results in new violence at the beginning toward remained rich people or people who became rich during the rebellion and step by step this violence started to take more and more people not only rich but workers and peasants. It was very common these days to write some anonym letter about the neighbor who’s house or wife, or something else writer wanted to get and claim that this neighbor is enemy of the people or state and this neighbor was disappear under the night darkness forever. But the happiness of the writer was not very long because some neighbor would write on him and so on.
A lot of innocent people were killed during this dark time, may be even more than during the rebellion war. And worse part of it was that killings during the war mostly were not in cold blood but these killings were mostly in cold blood. The worse people characteristics surfaced this time and brought more and more people under Moravia’s control.
After short time when King’s had been restored and all old rules had been brought back to the
Country Moreva’s followers took control again and dark times had been returned and it was the final point in the people falling under Moreva’s control. There are just a few left who were not captured by their own inner darkness and because of it by Moreva.

And now we have to change it and I really didn’t figure it out yet. I do not know how we could clean so much people in so small time. We have to act fast because if Moreva understands that something is going on she could kill all her followers just she just killed Archiee."

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