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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 3, part 3

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Dari, Mastlis and Darta were sitting quite around the dying fire they do not know what to say. But suddenly Balder sat and said
«I was not asleep most of the time and heard enough to understand what’s going on. I think that I read something about similar situation in our old books. When I were studying in King’s castle.
Something like this had been happened before and ancient people found the way to restore the light within for all. Heh may be not for all but for most of them.
“Yes,» Rina answered;«I’ve read this story too, but for this situation they used volunteer who was willing to sacrifice himself for the people. We do not have such person and I do not like the idea of sacrificing even with good intentions.We have such person,” Balder stands and put his hand on his heart» It’s me. No, «Dari stands in front of him; «We couldn’t allow him to do it? Right, Rina?”
Rina was sitting quietly and starring on the fire. It was clear that she does not like this idea, but still do not have anything better in mind.
“All right,” She said,«Let’s sleep on it and tomorrow may be something better will pop up in our heads.”
Darta and Mastlis opened their bags and put blankets on the floor. A few minutes later they fall asleep, it was a long journey for them and they could not stay awake much longer.
Rina opened the bag and get the small rug which she always uses for mediation.
«I will meditate a little, « she said to Dari and Balder
« And you have to go to sleep, may be you’ll see in your dream something what will help us.”
Dari lay down and think that she will not be able to sleep at all, but it was the last thought before she fell asleep in deep, deep dream.
In this dream she went to some strange place with a lot of waterfalls, mountains, big trees around her and suddenly the snow starts but it was not cold at all. The snow flakes fell down to her hands and she didn’t feel cold from them either» she just looks at their symmetrical beauty.
And voice from inside told her» the symmetry what the thing you need to fight this battle.
The symmetry inside and outside, the balance of dark and light, the good and the bad, the middle way on the sharp razor.
«How can I achieve such balance?” Dari tried to hear the answer, but the picture suddenly changes and she sees now the big hairy animal that was eating the bananas and dropping banana’s peels around. The animal turned its face to Dari and Dari was surprised by its beautiful, human’s eyes.
Next pictures in Dari’s dream were even more interesting: she stepped into the under the sea world with all it’ fishes, corals and strange animals.

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