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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 4, part 1

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Suddenly Dari spotted the hole and understand that it is the grot. She stepped into it and was astonished by beauty of the place» the walls were covered by exotic sea plants and pearls, the sand under her feet had been mixed with beautiful crystals and when she took one to se it better she understands that it was the sapphire and other crystals were jewels too.
In the center of the grot was some kind of altar with the big stone box on it. Dari tried to open the box and suddenly was awakening by loud noise.
The noise was from outside the cave and indicated that the army was somewhere nearby their shelter.
«Rina, » Dari whispered, « What is it?”
«It’s an army of Moreva’s followers looking for us.”
«How did they found us?”
«I think they sent someone to follow Darta and Mastlis and only thing because they didn’t here yet it because I made some preparation and covered the entrance with illusion, » said Rina brushing her hair with no visible brush, but Dari sensed that Rina was not as calm as she want to appear.
« What should we do? Fight them?” Balder jumped on his feet and took his sword.
«I do not think so,” Rina finished doing her hair.
«I think that they would not be able to penetrate my illusion, at least not yet without the Moreva her self and she is not here. I would’ve sense her presence.”
« We have some time before she’ll arrive so we can choose the way we would get out of here.
We can go down the cave and try to find another exit and we can try to travel through the portal» the same way Dari and I got here.
«But I am not sure I can get all of us through the portal because Balder seems to be the descendant of Ieronim Crast and he could not be taken through the portals.”
“Why? What so special about this Ieronim Crast?” Dari asked, looking on Balder. He was not different from other men she saw before,
“It is a long story, may be I’ll tell you it after we will get out of this cave, because now we should pack our things and leave. I see Boomush already know where we should go. This cat has very good attitude to scout the places and always to know where some additional exit is.” Rina smiled petting Boomush and putting her staff into Hairy’s saddle bags.
Darta and Mastlis were ready because they do not have much to pack. Dari and Balder helped Rina and the whole group started to move after the Boomush, who was going in the head of this party with his tail up and whiskers moving around.
After a few steps they had to light the torches because the light from the cave’s entrance was not enough now.
The road was going down and down and soon the noise from the army was fade away. Only their feet and water dropping from the stalactite were disrupted the silence of this place.
Few minutes later they found themselves on the beach of huge underground lake.
«Be careful,” Rina said,” there is a rumor that something very dangerous life in this lake.”
«Oh, Yes we heard this, » Darta and Mastlis shook their heads
Balder was quite and seems that he didn’t hear anything they saying.
“Balder, » Dari touched his hand, “What are you thinking about?” «Huh? »He got up his head
«I was thinking about my ancestors and Ieronim Ctast in particular.” Who was he and why you could not travel through the portal because of him?’ Dari’s eyes were so full of childish interest that Balder smiled and the heavy burden was lifted from his mind, for the moment at least. « He was very great king many centuries ago and some said that he was very great sorcerer as well. He achieved the complete power over the things and people but at the moment he achieved it he understood that he could not use it, because the main limitation of this complete power was the demand that any use of it would not do harm to any living or non living being in the Universe.
And he could not imagine any case where using of this power would not harm some person, animal, plant or stone. “I know the case, » Dari was jumping on the spot in great agitation. » The food and shelter for all people in the world» would be the noble case. “Of course it would be noble but in achieving such goal many plant or animals would be harmed and used as food and many trees and stones would be cut for houses. So the complete power should not be used for this.”
“Oh, yeh,»Dari’s eyes lost their bright light in sadness. “And what did he do after he discovered that he could not use this complete power?» she asked. “He was very angry and decided to hide from the world under the sea. Rumor said that he still alive in his grot only asleep in big stone box, waiting to be awake in the minute of great need.”
“And what kind of the grot is it? Dari tried to cover the slight trembling in her voice because she starts to understand that it might be the same grot she saw in her dream. “It is the beautiful grot covered by sea plants pearls and jewels,» Balder closed his eyes like he was seeing this grot in his mind. “That’s it – I saw it in my dream ,»Dari shouted, “ Rina did you hear it? May be we need to find this grot and this Ieronim Crast to ask him how we can defeat Moreva?”
“May be we should,» Rina was not such excited as Dari was. “But it would not be so easy and I am not sure that Ieronim would like to help us. You see, Moreva was one of his creations and I think that the energy which she took from the people is one of the sources of his immortality.” “May be he has more sources and would be willing to sacrifice this one for the sake of his descendant and his country, but I am not sure. The more I know about Ieronim the more I understand that he was very selfish person.» May be we should go another way around» to defeat Moreva we should to break the spell, Ieronim made to create her.”
“And how we can do it? «Balder voice was strange when he asked this and Dari turned to him to see what the matter. His eyes which were before light and warm now became dark and cold and she was sure that they are a few centuries old.

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