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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 4, part 2

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“Rina, Rina ,» Dari ran to her and tried to touch her hand but Rina was cold and hard like stone. Her eyes were glued to the Balder’s (or may be now not Balder’s?) eyes.
Dari sensed that Rina was trying to defeat someone or something that got inside Balder and now was trying to kill Rina.
Dari was not sure what to do but at this moment the Sword of Freedom became heavier on her belt and she understand that she had to use it.
She lifts it up and waves it between Rina and Balder like cutting the invisible string between them. Balder closed his eyes and fell down with strong sound and Rina exhale with release.
«Thank you very much,» she said touching Dari’s shoulder
« You saved me, because I was not ready for this duel yet. “
« What or who was it? – Dari glanced at the Balder who was lying down without visible signs of life.
«Is he dead?
«It was Ieronim and now we know for sure that he or at least his spirit is alive and knows about us, and no, Balder is not dead. I am hopping that he is not possessed by Ieronim, though Ieronim was making the attempt to do so.”
Balder moved with the groans and sat shaking his head.
«Where am I?” he looked at Rina, Dari, Darta and Mastlis and understanding gets into his eyes.
«I felt as I was not me as I was someone else and I wanted to kill all of you, oh it was terrible because the small part of me was still inside and was looking on this entire like from outside. Imagine» I was looking on myself trying to kill my friends.» Balder shocked his head again like he was trying to shake of something from him.
«It was like you describe it,»Rina got close to him and took his hand
«Someone, particularly your ancestor Ieronim was trying to take over your body, to possess you.”
« Why would he do it? If the legend right he is still alive and he would not need my body to live.”
« I think that this incident shows us that the legend is not right. He is not alive at least his body is not alive, but his spirit is and he is trying to find the new body and who would be better that his own blood line?» Rina was massaging Balder’s cold hands and trying to return the colors on his face which had been pale and frozen since the Ieronim was inside him.
«What should we do? How I can protect myself from his invasion? Or may be you can protect me? «Balder’s questions were dropping like stones in complete silence of his friends.
« Oh, let’s work on it step by step,» Rina smiled, the first time after dangerous duel and Dari understands that Rina was completely recovered and may be even already knew what they should to do.
«Let’s start with your protection», »she gives him the stone which she took from her pocket and explains: put this stone in your pocket and keep it close all the time. Try not to lose it. And if you’ll lose it tell me about it right away. It should protect you for a while before I’ll find more permanent ways to protect you.
«And the second thing we should to find the underwater grot which Dari saw in her dreams. I think that it is the place was Ieronim keeps the amulet connecting with his spirit. We could destroy it or use it to defeat Moreva. I was not sure yet what to do with it but I am sure that we have to find it.
« By the way we have to hurry» I sense that Moreva is already near the cave entrance and soon she will destroy the illusion covering this entrance.
All start to move like awakening from nightmare and rushed after Boomush, who already was circling they around with purring like saying
“Why do not you following me? Hurry, we have to go quickly.”
“Good Boomush, we hear you now and we a ready,» Rina pets him and lead the company after the cat.
Hairy was in the rear end of small group and was showing the signs of worry, sniffing the air and even whining sometime. Rina turns her head to the dog and said
« Do not worry I know that she is close and I can keep her busy for some time.
After these words they hear the strong noise from the cave entrance, but it was not the noise of advanced army – it was stone noise of stone avalanche.
“Rina, how did you do it?” Balder glanced on her in surprise
“Do not interrupt her,» Dari stopped him from asking more questions
“Rina have many skills and may be she will explained it to you latter but now let’s go, quick, quick.”
They almost run after the cat’s tail fading away in the darkness of stone corridor.
After an hour they understand that the way starts to go up and they probably are close to the exit.
It was true: the fresh air starts to touch their faces and a few steps ahead they could see the moon light on the floor’s stones.

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