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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 5, part 1

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In a few moments they were on the beach near the old cabin with elderly couple repairing the fishing net. “ I know them- it’s Nestos and Lana, they often supply the fish to the palace”, Darta said. “ It is good that they have the boat” Rina glances around and spotted the boat near the big stone. “ We should ask them to sell it to us”
“ Darta, please, since you know them go to them and ask how much they want for the boat and also say them that they should run from here quick because Moreva would kill them for sure after she’ll get here and found that we are gone”
Darta went toward Nestos and Lana and wave her hand- they answered by waving theirs and Rina can hear how Nestoc starts to ask Darta what is she doing here and who are her companions.
Darta said very little and starts to ask him about the boat. At first he refuses to sell but when she said that he could ask any price he wants he thinks for a moment and ask so high price that he want they would not agree and will not try to buy his boat. He was surprised when Rina gave Darta for him as much as he asked and the group walks to the boat. It was not a big boat and Rina asked Darta and Mastlis to join Nestos and Lana and get to the safety. She also tried to persuade Boomush and Hairy to stay on the hard ground as well, but cat and dog show no intention to obey her in this matter. So she had to take them inside the boat as well.
When all preparation was done and the boat was ready to go in open sea Dari asks Rina” How do we will found this underwater cave, and the most important how do we will get underwater?”
“ I think”, Rina said” that the first part would be easy- Ieronim will drove use to his cave himself” Dari was surprised” But do not he afraid of our intention to get his amulet and destroy him?” she asked . “ He is very self confident and think that he can defeat us easily, and will most gain not lose with our appearance< because the body will be provided for him,” Rina took a look to the Balder,” Do not worry,” says she to him,” I will protect you and I think that we will defeat Ieronim and use his amulet for our advance, but it all not very easy< so please get rest now and let me prepare for battle.”
Dari, Balder and Hairy laid down to some old sail that they found in the boat, but Boomush sat near Rina and start to purr very loud. “Lower your purr my darling,” Rina gave him a smile, » we do not want to draw attention to us. Though already Ieronim knows there we are , Moreva still does not and let it be this way for a while”.
Boomush changed his purring to low voice and starts to rub his head of Rina’s hands. “I know, I know , you are worried about me, that I am not strong enough to defeat Ieronim. May be you are right, but I would not use one of your life – do not offer me such a gift. I’ll try to use the energy of the sea.” Rina said and lifted your hand up like she was hugs the sea the air and the moon light around her. Dari was in the border state between the sleep and awake and she could see things that she could not in the usual life- so she saw how the blue energy of the sea, sparkling energy of the air and silver energy of the moon flow inside Rina and made her shine from inside. At this moment Dari’s eyes closed and she got into her dreams. This time she was near the underwater cave and now she knew that it is not the cave they are looking for- it is some cave there Ieronim had driven them for the battle and to prevent them to found the cave with the amulet. Dari saw that Rina trying to find the way out of this cave and even Boomush could not do it. “How we are able to breath underwater?” Dari asked her self and answer just popped into her head:» we are not breathing- instead we are getting energy for life from some outside source and this source may be the sword of freedom, but it getting weaker and weaker and in the few moments it could stop transmitting the energy to us. What should I do?” And again the answer was into her head and it was clear and frightening and the same time-:” You should unite with the sword of freedom and became it.”

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