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N. E. White

Anybody home?

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You've got cobwebs everywhere...and just look at those dust bunnies!

Oh, look. We've got visitors...

Hard to believe more than a year has gone by since I first thought about putting an anthology together of all the winning entries of this forum's Flash Fiction Contests. As it is unlikely that will happen in the foreseeable future, I thought I'd at least keep my list of the winners going.

To increase budding author awareness, I was thinking of posting the list as a thread somewhere on the forum rather than on just this blog as most folks do not frequent the blog section near as much as they do the forums. Good idea?

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  1. Gkarlives's Avatar
    Just caught this post. I check the blog page constantly for people I know, like you. After a while some threads become harder to find than a blog although a thread lets you know of activity.
  2. N. E. White's Avatar
    What about a stickied (is that a word?) thread? Is Kater around to ask?
  3. expatrie's Avatar
    I could find a blog just fine, and there's less noise since there aren't that many users doing regular writing. Of course, somehow I never saw this post until now. Must have had to do with the gucci spam blog crowding it out.

  4. N. E. White's Avatar
    I think I might do both.
  5. noori noori's Avatar
    okay ....
    not a great author myself, though have great respect for those that write, noori
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