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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 5, part 3

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Unfortunately all these preparations and plans were for nothing, because while they tried to land, the great wave arrive from the island and pushes their boat from it. It shows that it was the right island, which was good protected by Ieronim, and to land on it they need to do some miracle for which they do not have time. Wave dragged the boat toward other island and dropped it broken on the ground.
At least they all were unharmed and rushed to go from the sea toward the big rocks, because second wave just was grown in the sea and it was look like it has intention to sink them down to the sea bottom.
Hairy was dragging Balder who still was unconscious and Dari helped her. Rina was standing facing the new wave and trying to keep it from the island. She did it but was very tired from the battle.
“I think I will be able to keep new wave from arising a few moment but we had to go in the cave under these rocks,” she said .
Dari saw that it is really only one chance to escape the waves but if they do so it would bring her dreams to life and she will have to unite with the sword.
“Yes” Rina as usual answered to Dari’s thoughts” it seems like we could not change the direction in which Ieronim wants us to come, but may be it wouldn’t be so bad for use as he imagined”
“How so?” Dari was scared of Ieronim, of uniting with the sword, but still she was trying to keep herself together .
“It will be possible that this scenario will benefit us more than him”, Rina took a look toward the sea and continue: ”But now I do not have time to explain, we should run for our lives, quick, quick.”
They run as quick as possible with unconscious Balder in their hand. The first who reached the rocks was, of course, Boomush, he didn’t help to carry Balder, but even if he wants to do so how could he?
And he preferred to scout the cave for them. When Boomush took a look inside the cave all fur on him raised. He starts hissing and growling like screaming: ”Do not go inside, stay out of this horror I see there:” Rina ran to him and asked: ”What is it you see? ”
He turned his head to her and meowing like saying- :”I can’t describe it because it is too horrible and I do not have words for it. Just stay out of it.”
“All right,” Rina calmed him by putting her hand on his head.
” We will not go inside if we will find the way to defend ourselves from these enormous waves.”
She turned to sea and tried to measure the possibility for breaking these waves before they would reach the island. It seems impossible but taking a look on scared cat, which never was not only so scared, but never was scared at all, and they were in all kind of scarring situations before, she understands that she has to do something with waves or the situation which awaits them inside the cave could be much worse.
It was hard to imagine what kind of situation could be worse than to be smashed by these waves, but she should trust cat’s instincts. She thinks a few moments and asks Dari to take the sword out and point it toward the waves :”Just keep it in this position and I’ll try to put some energy on it to form the protective shield which would destroy the waves.”
After saying it, Rina stands up near the sword’s end and Dari, while trying to keep still, noticed by side vision how Rina starts to change- golden rays of energy starts to flow from her body picturing the big bright shield in front of them and suddenly Dari understands that Rina had been united with the shield of Universal protection, like Dari will be united with the sword of Freedom. This shield was shinny silver and gold with some strange picture on it: silver and gold hands were touching symbol with sea and sun and ancient letters created beautiful surrounding for this symbol. Dari can’t understand the writing but she feels the great energy irradiated from this symbol.
The sea from the symbol starts to expand and rise and at one moment it moved toward the Ieronim’s waves and crushed them into billions of drops with enormous power and sun from shield evaporated these drops in a few seconds.
Right after the waves were crashed the silver and gold shining going from shield or Rina ( Dari can’t say who or what were more shinier) starts to fade and soon there were only the small group of people and pets standing near the stones on the vet sand. Rina was so exhausted that she can’t stay and Hairy rushed to her. Rina almost fell to her warm hairy back and hugs this big friendly dog who was willing to let her Master use her energy to restore the powers.
After a sometime Rina was able to stay and lead the small group again. She turns her head to Dari :”I know that you saw everything, it shows that you are already start the process of unation with the sword- ordinary people wouldn’t see shield and sea crashing the waves, they would see only miraculous wave disappearing. So we can’t do anything to stop this unation and let’s not thing about it now. We have to find the way to get to the amulet before Balder would dye from Ieronim’s efforts to posses him and my amulet’s efforts to stop it.”
Dari shook her head and says:”I know that the process had begun and now than I know that you had the same process I do not afraid anymore. In fact I feel good that I’ll be closer to you by this event.”

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