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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 5, part 4

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“All right, let’s talk about later,” Rina took a look to the cave there Boomush spotted this great danger and she decided that they wouldn’t go there. But how do they will get to the Ieronim’s cave?
“Let’s go scout the island- may be we will see something which could help us.” And Rina moved to the right to avoid the cave’s entrance and to circle the stone. Suddenly in front of her the fountain of sand arises and started to turn into the human figure which were 10 or even 15 feet tall.
“All right, “ Rina ducks to avoid the sand’s sword.” So, I recall, we are going to the right direction. Let’s move quickly”
“ But what do we do with this sand person?” Dari ducks too and came closer to Rina.
“ Nothing” Rina whistles and Boomush jumped on the stone behind the figure, Hairy barks with the all power she has and this sound echoes, multiplied by stones starts to fly around them and the sand figure, causing the strong vibration in sands it was made of. Boomush added his voice to this enormous sound and the sand’s particles dropped to the ground with hissing.
“ You see,” Rina turned to Dari,” It is not hard and we can leave such tasks to Hairy and Boomush- they like to play with such big toys,” Rina smiled .
”Let’s go and be cautious- we can meet more of these surprises”.
The party finally moved forward –Rina and Boomush first, after her Hairy who was pulling Balder and Dari in the rear end with the sword in hands and ready to fight all surprises in the world.
But nobody came after them or arises in front of them and they continue to go for a half an hour without interruption. The stones around then exchanged to woods and soon they were inside deep and dark forest. As soon as they heard the voice of small creek Rina said: “Let’s rest here and after that we will see what to do more clearly”.
Dari helped Hairy to put Balder on the grass in more comfortable position and decided to go to get some water from the creek but Rina stopped her :”let’s Hairy and Boomush sniff the water- it seems to me that there is no good things in this forest and water could be the new trap for us” And she was right. Hairy and Boomush instantly turned their snouts from water and bark and hiss to caution humans do not try to drink it. “ As I thought,” Rina turned to Dari” It is some kind of sleep potion and I think we can use it in our advantage- let’s pretend that we are drinking it and falling asleep and see what happened. I think that somebody will go from hiding to kill us and we can try to capture them and get the right direction to Ieronim’s cave from them”
Dari shaken her head and pretend that she is taking the water from the creek drinking and giving to Rina, who pretend to drink it as well.
Hairy and Boomush didn’t want to go near water but they agree to pretend to fall asleep. And soon they all were sleeping on the ground, snoring.

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