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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 5, part 2

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It was too much for Dari and she awake with the loud cry. “What the matter?” Rina turned to her.
Dari told her the store about her became the sword of freedom. Rina took her hand and said:” It is the truth- you can unite with the sword and became the one with it, because after your training you start to understand and feel it like you feel yourself. It happened before with other people who were using this sword. Now the sword chooses you to be his continuation. It is not so scary how it may look like- you would not became iron still thing- you’ll be still human being, but the sword will be connect with you very strongly and you’ll exchange the energy and this energy would be multiplying when goes from one to another and will be never end. Also nobody else will be able to use the sword – in the hand of the other person it would became so heavy that it would not be possible to lift it.’
“It all the good sides,” Dari said,” but I feel that there are a bad sides of story too”.
“ You are right, some problems could appear when person unites with sword- you will not be able to unite with your own kind- people, you ‘ll never married and never have children. But it is too early for you any way and after a while it may be possible to change the conditions of this unite.”
“Rina, you said that there were others before me who was united with the sword- what became of them now?”
“ It was very long ago< I was told about it by my teacher, and she was told by her teacher so the complete stories are mostly myths- and as all myths it about fight not common life- so I know that they fought good and won their battles but what they do after that – it is in the shadow of time.”
“Al right, I’ll unite with the sword if my dream will come true,” Dari said.
“ one more precaution” Rina turn her head from the moon light, so Dari would not see her face” It can appear that after you’ll became the one with the sword his property would became yours- you’ll be cold, hard and unemotional, love can leave you, instead you’ll be using your mind not heart. It happened with the most people who were united with this sword, but there was one case when person still had love and warm heart even in this unit. Unfortunately it is not possible to say how it will be in your case. Are you still willing to try it?”
“ Yes, I am willing to try it- I had no choice because I want to win this battle and the battle with Dantest and do not see another way to do it.”
‘I do not see another way either” Rina sights heavily and it was the first time when Dari understand that with all her knowledge and powers Rina still fragile woman, but in the next moment Rina’s eyes shine like cold and hard diamond and Dari thought that the moment of weakness which she saw in Rina minute ago was only in her imagination.
“But I think we will figure something out when it will come to us” Rina was still the same ever self-confident great Master who knows that in every situation are at least two exits and one almost always in the same place there the entrance was.
Meanwhile the wind increases and they arise the sail. Boat starts to accelerate and in a few moments they arrive in front of two islands. Dari somehow knew that one of this island content the real cave and another was fake which she saw in her latest dream, but she couldn’t realize which island is real. She told Rina about her doubts and Rina tries to see inside the island- but she can’t. Islands were well protected from anyone by the power of Ieronim.
But there was one flow in his protection- he made it from people but he could not know that some animal might try to lift it- and there they are- Hairy and Boomush together. They combine their efforts and after a while pointed to the right island by their snouts. Their faces were so happy that they were able to help people and Hairy’s tail almost created the vortex follow her exaction.
“Good friends,” Rina said “ thank you so much, we will go to this island” She turned to Dari and Balder and notice that Balder is pale and cold, it seems that life almost left him , only slight breath was the sign that he is still in this world. “Ieronim is again tying to posses him and the power of my amulet doesn’t let him, but this battle is too hard for Balder, I am worried about him. We should go to the cave quickly or it could be to late for him”, Rina was explaining the situation to Dari, Boomush and Hairy, while they were trying to awoke Balder. “Let’s leave him in the boat with Hairy and Boomush- their warm and energies would keep him alive, and we will go together to retrieve the amulet”
“Yes,” said Dari, but Boomush was not agree with this decision- his waving tale and shiny eyes were saying:” I would go with my Master, without me she could get hurt”
“My dear,” Rina puts her hand on his head” I understand your concern, but we should protect Balder, or you think that Hairy would do it alone?”
Boomush said :” Meow” as like “yes” and Rina suddenly agreed with him-:”All right, you’ll go with us”.

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