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Actually the fight

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After Terra is kicked off
T; she has a right to know
v3; know what the results aren't back yet there is no proof that she is my daughter
T; no proof other than she is half human half whatever the heck she is and she looks just like the morphs alloran was using at the time.
v3; if there was a morph there was a human too she could be just that humans child or not evn that they could just look alike
T; and the powers
v3; the human could have been a popular morph
T; no when a human is used as a morph that human is killed sent to prison or other wise disposed of and you know better than anyone that important andilites don't share morphs most usless andilites don't share morphs
v3; unless they were desparate
T; alloran wasn't desparate you know that also you know that the human was disposed of and you know she's your daughter
v3; she can't be she's
T; she's what human alloran was human
(private message to tom)<t; tell me whats going on or i'll hack the system i;ve done it before>
T;terra<signs off>
v3;<signs off>

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