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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 5, part 5

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After a while three dark silhouettes came from the forest and each tried to kill one of the human but didn’t pay attention to pets.
When the first one reaches Rina she touched him and he fell down with the groans. Dari pushed the one who approached her under the knees and he felt too and Hairy with Boomush attacked the one who was trying to get Balder, but in this case he didn’t want to kill Balder, he just wanted to drag him into the forest. This attempt fail either because Hairy and Boomush were very serious and angry and only Rina’s voice stopped them from tearing this person apart.
But was this a person at all?
These three some things were some kind of skeletons who had been wearing dirty and old clothes with the old fashion swords in hand’s bones.
“I think that I know who they are,” Rina puts her hands above the skeleton “They are the people who helped Ieronim to create his hiding place and after that he killed them all and now using to protect his cave.
” How can we ask them about the road to it?” Dari was disappointed, she thought that now they could not use these persons to find the way, since skeletons do not speak and appear that they lost any signs of life which they had before.
“We can get the road from them- for this we do not need them to speak.” Rina continue to hold her hands above the bones while saying it.
” I can see that happened with them from some memory fields which still surrounding the bones. It was horrible: these people were disciples of Ieronim and they believe in him very much, they thought that he is great and wise, and even some kind of demigod, they went away from their families and friends and helped Ieronim in all his preparations to create the hiding place. He told them that he will lead them to heaven, to immortality even, but all he wants from them were their work and their money- they were rich people and all their treasures they surrounded to him. After their work had been done he killed them by poisonous vine, which he prepares for their successful ending of work party.
They didn’t realize that they were dying- they just fell asleep and never wake up. Before now, when Ieronim awoke them to help him once more. But he did well for us not for himself. Now I know the road and it is not very hard. Even I know all the traps along the road. So when we will enter the tunnel you all should go in my steps not try to move ahead or right or left from me. And it is to you Boomush also- you are not heavy as human but some traps are created to stop animals too.”
“And I have an idea how to revive Balder- I’ll use Ieronim’s own spell’s energy from the spell he cast to revive the skeletons“. Rina took few bones and starts to move them above the Balder, who still was unconscious. Dari was looking with very great interest on this ceremony. Also she thought about her feelings toward Balder- at first she doesn’t like him- of course who would like someone who tried to kill you and take your sword? But after all they all had been through she starts to feel warmer about him and it was not a secret to her that he was feeling even warmer about her. But now she does not feel anything- may be it was the process of unation with the sword which took away from her all warm feelings. She felt that this process was going deeper and deeper with every moment. Now she could feel the energies of outside world and understand the action her companions and not only their but the action of Ieronim too.
She was awakening from her thoughts by Balder’s loud voice:” Did I miss something? I feel like I was dreaming a long time? “
“Yes,you were dreaming,” Rina dropped the bones to the ground, “and I am afraid that after a few more hours your dreams could became your permanent state.”
“What happened? “ Balder tried to stand up but it was too difficult for him.
“Ieronim tried to posses you again and his battle with my amulet drove all energy from you, but now I was able to lift his presence using his own spell which he putted to the skeletons of his disciples, whom he sent to attack us. It is the short story and I do not have time for the full variant, so let’s go. I see that it would be difficult for you to go at first, but it will improve fast. For now you can use the help. Dari, give him your hand and this staff could help too,” Rina gave him wooden staff, she found near their place.
It was obvious that Balder has a lot of questions but he understands that he should do as he told. He tried to stand up this time with the help of Dari’s hand and the staff and it was successful. Now they all were ready to go. Rina took last look on their small party and said once more:” Do not go left or right from my step because it could be fatal for you- understood?’ All shaken their heads and they enter the cave from there skeletons arrived in the forest. It was dark and quiet place but Rina made herself to glow in the dark and they all followed her without the problem. After a while they start to feel better and think that may be there were no traps or may be these traps had been disabled by time or previous visitors. But soon their hope was broken by dozens of arrows which shoot in front of Rina. She definitely knew a few moments before the shooting that they will be here and stopped just in time to let them pass her without any harm.
She turned to others and said:” See there are the traps- so do prepare your selves.” And they continue the path. After a while they spotted the light in side corridor . Rina took a look at it and said- now we should go quick as we can- this light is the fire which will reach us in a 10 minutes if we would not hurry.’ All tried their best to run after Rina, who seems to fly above the ground . It was good that Balder regain his strength to this moment and could run as good as others, because with him still tired they would not be able to overrun the fire.
Still it seems difficult or even impossible but Rina obvious knew that there is something that will help them to get rid of the fire. And it was true- in a few moments they reached the lake with the stone bridge across it and they all ran trough the bridge with the hope that fire would be stopped by the lake’s water. And it was stopped. Part of the fire tried to reach them on the bridge, but Rina managed to lift the water from the lake and put it on the bridge. They were standing on the other side of the bridge looking how fire was jumping and running near the water on the other side. They even heard its angry voice which had been very familiar to them because it was Ieronim’s voice. It voice cursed them in old language and Dari only understands that it was promised to get them and skinned alive at best.

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