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What Has Happened

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(Forgive any misinterpretations; the Jussack language is very different from Annaren and the translator has done her best to keep the author's words intact.)

This, apparently, is a type of written thing. I can not write well, but ever since my return I have been learning more.

The past month has been immensely confusing. First I go along with our tyrant of a leader, Amusk, and some other men, since they were sent by whom he calls 'Master'. I told them I answered to no master and they laughed and hit me. I learned later that they spoke of the Elidhu living close to here. We set off and attack what I think are two Pilanel, and I am ordered not to kill the girl one. So I do not. I am not the kind to kill without reason like the others anyways.

I was in charge of our new prisoner, that girl, and it was embarrassing to be considered a caretaker of a person instead of a warrior. Especially a woman, although I often wonder why it should make a difference, especially when the girl (named Maerad) seemed so much stronger than me or the others, or even Amusk. He knew it, too. He was afraid.

We dropped her off at the palace place and were moving back when wolves attacked us, and our dogs turned on us also. They killed all but me, though I thought I would die too.

When I got back, people were happy that Amusk was gone, and so they wanted me to be leader. I told them I was too young. (I was only eighteen summers old then, and for extra information I am nineteen summers now) But they taught me more and treated me with respect, which was new for me, since I was low-ranking. I ended up knowing how to read and write and do basic mathematical things, though I still feel unintelligent. Ever since Maerad told me of another world I have hungered to go there. A place without snow I can hardly imagine!

For now, however, I continue to stay at my home. I only hope that something more will come out of my life, because it is not enough to me right now.


(Author's note: It appears that Jussacks have no concept of parts of name pertaining to location of birth or occupation.)

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  1. Echowindsong's Avatar
    Nim, I think you will make a wise leader of the Jussacks. Perhaps we will meet again.

    ~ Maerad of Pellinor
  2. Maiablackwolf's Avatar
    Maerad! How- what- I did not know people could reply to this! How are you? (I do not want to be a leader...)


    (translated again for your convenience )
  3. Echowindsong's Avatar
    I am fine. How are you?

    And there are things that people do not want to do, but must be done for the good of a whole.

    ~ Maerad of Pellinor
  4. susie's Avatar
    What has happened is a good story but I just wish it could have been more detailed because I would have been more into the story. Nim, the nineteen year old, would make a good leader. I think he would have lots of potential, even though he might not nodes it. He seems like a very strong independent young man. I just wonder why his dogs and wolves killed all the men except for him. I also question why his people were happy that Amusk, their leader, was gone, but I guess it was because he was a bad man. Nim should be happy that his people want him as a new leader not sad because the people feel like he is worthy to be the new chief. Although Nim might think that he is not worthy because he was a caretaker and he was a eighteen year old boy, I think he was ready because he thought as a leader not as a follower. I am glad that he got to learn about things he did not know like reading and learning about knew places he has never been to. I just hope he gets to go to a place without snow like he wished.

  5. Maiablackwolf's Avatar
    I am healthy, Maerad, and hope you are too. I also hope you are not as confused as I am about life.

    But I always thought that it was not what objects and ranks you had that made you happy... still, I see the point, and I think I will be leader. Not because I don't want to. I have other things I am thinking of that are better, that I would like more. But if I should become leader for the sakes of the other Jussacks then it is the right thing for me to do.


    (Thanks, susie! I was trying to keep him in character as I could considering he's already pretty much developed, but you know, I think you're right about wanting to be leader. And now that I messed it up, I've got to roll with it. And the wolves killed all but him because they were avenging the wrongs done to Maerad, and he didn't have her fear-smell on him. )