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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 5, part 6

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But it was not too scary – now when she was more and more feel like stainless still sword she even can’t imagine pain of this process.
Rina turn her head to Dari and said: » It is not the true- you’ll feel pain even when united with the sword, you only will not be able imagine how it feels before you’ll get hurt.”
“Rina, you know this time your words and the fact that you are answering my thoughts were not so surprising for me as usual. Do I’ll get the power to understand your thoughts as well?” “Yes, you will, because we are sword and shield which are meant to be together. But it is not very good thing- I mean hearing my thoughts, because you are not ready for most of the thing I know.
And again, who knows better- may be it will be good to you to learn as quickly as possible.”
“Let’s go – we will have a lot of traps on this road,” Rina turned to the direction of their path and continue to walk.
They followed her though they were exhausted by the run they took from the fire, they understand and Dari knew for sure from Rina’s thoughts that they should go forward no matter that.
After a few steps Dari suddenly heard the hissing and movement in the darkness. Boomush and Hairy definitely hear it too and most of it, they saw the creatures who produces these sounds and this picture made their fur stand up.
Dari saw how the picture of shield starts to arise around Rina again and Rina said to her “Stay behind the others and rise the sword- we will be able to create the shelter around the others and do it quick- they are coming.”
Dari wanted to ask who are they, but first she moved in the end of group and raised the sword- the light from the shield connected with the light from the sword and now they all were like in the light protective fabric. And because of this light they now could see the creatures who are going toward them- there were thousands giants worms who were reaching to them and trying to broke the defense of light. Worms have teeth very sharp and deadly and tried to bite the light fabric. They were hissing and even growling and again the voices were similar to Ieronim’s voice.
But the protection cover which developed between Rina and Dari was very strong and worms can’t brake it, moreover each time worm touched the cover his skin started to burn and in a few minute all worms had been in flame- this flame lights the cave and shows the strange pictures on it’s walls.
When all worms had been destroyed Rina goes near the wall and takes a closer look on the pictures. “Dari, come here,” Rina points to the wall and in her eyes Dari sees the light of victory. “Here is the complete instruction how to find the amulet.”
But Dari was suspicious: “Rina do not you think that it could be the false instruction to lure us to the next trap?”
Dari was worried that it was so easy to find this instruction so it most probably would be false. “Do not worry,” Rina was very happy,” The text of course shows the false direction and false method, but it shows the way we do not suppose to go so we can see the right way.”
“It is too complicated for me,” Dari shaken her head and took a look to others who didn’t understand it either. “No matter,” Rina smiled and return to the path. ”In time you’ll see that it is very easy
“Fine with me,” Balder turned to Dari, who still was very quiet, because she tried to figure out what Rina said. She looks at Balder and smiled, thinking that she will figure out it later and for now she should continue to walk and be ready for all new surprises Ieronim got for them. But the images from the wall would not let her go. They still float in her head especially one there she saw the sword very similar to her own and girl who was rising this sword and girl was look exactly like her-Dari. “ How it could be?” Dari was so surprised even shocked that someone few hundred years ago (the pictures sure looks like they were drawn ages ago) could paint her portrait on these walls.
Rina smiled again and as usual answered to Dari’s thoughts:” It is not you it is the last girl who was united with the sword.”
“But why she looks exactly like me? “ Dari asked in great agitation. “She looked like you because only girls similar in the characters and other abilities could be united with the sword. And it is not very rare when there are a few similar persons in one century or in a few centuries. However sometimes it is hard to find right person, or in time when sword is ready the right person just appear in the doorstep of the shield like you did.
“So you knew that I’ll be united with the sword all along, it is why you gave me this sword in the first place?”
“Not exactly,” Rina smiled by the side of her lips”I offered this sword numerous times throughout past few centuries to some girls but they would not match or sword was not ready, or time was not right. And I didn’t know will you match, or is sword ready now, or is it right time. I didn’t know all of this before your dream. Only then I understood that you are she and the time is right. But now we should be focused on the path not on the conversation. I hear that our new challenge just around this corner of the wall. “
And she was right – there was something or someone but nobody realize that it will be the challenge. They see beautiful girl lying on the sand and covered in blood. Balder wanted to run to her but Rina stopped him.

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