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N. E. White

Anthology Voting Thread: Fire

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Hey Folks who spend time over here and not in the forums! We have a little contest going on. I will be epublishing a short anthology about the end of the world in December. Along with nine other stories already included in the anthology, three of the stories below will be chosen - by you! If you are so inclined, please peruse the list and then submit your votes!

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Hello Everyone,

We are entering the last stages of this rather complicated anthology process I thought would be fun. And it has been! I've enjoyed every second of it. And I'm proud to announce the last set of stories presented to you all for reading and voting pleasure. We have seven submissions listed below. Please pick your favorite three stories from the list below and let me know. You have until October 27th NOON (Pacific Time) to Private Message me with your choices.

The Last Word from a Brahma
The Last Hand
Antonia's God
The Great Fire of Iverhold

I will announce the winners (and voters) on the evening of the 27th.

Happy Reading and Good Luck!

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