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I hear Republicans constantly complaining about the entitlements that our government has created for our citizens ruining America. They state their desire to cut these programs. My answer is that I will be willing to give up my entitlement when they are willing to give up theirs.

The GOP talks very loudly about unemployment, social security, and Medicare, but you hardly hear anything about golden parachutes or bonus payouts whether the company succeeds or fails. They are all for getting rid of programs that help the middle class and the poor, but have a hard time facing the unfair entitlement created by their positions.

How many CEOís have contracts with large departure bonuses whether they leave voluntarily or not? How many CEOís give themselves raises or large bonuses while asking their employees to forgo raises or to cut hours to keep the company afloat? Look at the people that are getting bonuses in the banking industry while others have lost their job. In addition, I caught a blurb from a show about the meltdown where an employee of a bank was denied their severance package by the new owners of the bank. In other words, the new bank refused to honor their contract. Hummmm, didnít the President say that some of the bonuses bailed out banks gave out had to be done to honor the contracts of select employees? Unfortunately, the person in the show apparently wasnít one of the lucky ones. I wonder what tax bracket you have to be in to assure your contract is lawfully fulfilled.

Our economy is not just floundering under the weight of citizens who abuse government programs, but also the weight of citizens who use their positions to create a separate set of rules for their employees and themselves. If I recall correctly, I learned that this is called having double standards.

So, if they want us to give up our entitlements, they need to give up theirs. Make golden parachutes illegal. Make a law requiring bonuses to be tied directly to the companyís health. If a company goes under, so do bonuses. We can no longer afford a system that concentrates the profit on the few and the risk on the many. I am all for cleaning up the waste in government, but I am also all for cleaning up the waste in the private sector.

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