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More fantasy than sci-fi.....

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I am not reading anywhere near the sci-fi stuff I once did. My attention, since the LOTR films, has been on fantasy.
I own lots of great sci-fi stuff recently acquired through my membership in a book club, but I almost always turn to fantasy, British crime novels, or (blush) historical romance rather than sci-fi.
I don't know why that is, really. Back in the 60's, I discovered Asimov, Clarke, Simak, Heinlein, and many other greats in that genre. Then I went through a couple of decades of reading mainly literary/historical fiction.
Peter Jackson brought me back to my senses with his LOTR masterpiece. Once I discovered high fantasy, I went crazy trying to find the best authors to spend my money on.

But why have I moved away from sci-fi? I don't really know.....there's so much blurring of genres these days. Probably some of the books I would classify as "urban fantasy" are also strongly sci-fi in content.

Perhaps labels shouldn't concern me! As Hereford Eye said on some thread recently - echoing or echoed by KatG - it's the story that counts. Regardless of genre, the point is to tell a good story. That's what keeps me reading, and who cares how the book is classified.

These are just ramblings of a slightly confused mind, I know. Thank God, the school year is almost over.....

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  1. Gkarlives's Avatar
    Hey, I recently posted the bulk of my collection on Library Thing and I was thinking that I would have more fantasy than Scifi but I was wrong. Of course I was the one who set up the tags for the books but I think I was fair with the labels. I came out about even. Like you, I thought I was reading more fantasy than Scifi. You might be suprised if you sort out your books.