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Rider: Spirals of Destiny

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I'd like to share a new fantasy book title I've read recently, Rider: Spirals of Destiny. It is the first book in an upcoming trilogy by Jim Bernheimer:

The story of me finding this book is pretty interesting. A while ago I was hooked on Harry Potter fanfiction and one author nicknamed jbern had written some amazing fics. Turns out he published his own books as well, so I gave them a try.

So... Rider: Spirals of Destiny is a book about unicorns. Sounds girly, I know But I'm willing to bet you haven't read about unicorns like these before. They bond with girls at a young age and form a battle unicorn squad, the most feared military units in the country. Bonding with a unicorn gives the female recruits all sorts of elemental magic powers and they spend years training to control it before they are ready to serve.

The book tells the story of an unlikely bond between a battle-scarred unicorn Majherri who survived the death of his previous rider (something that has never happened before) and a 16 year old girl Kayleigh (the bond is normally formed with younger girls). So the two have to overcome all sorts of ridicule and distrust and prove their worth.

You can get this book at Amazon or BookDepository.

It's not the best book I've read (you can find some of my favorites in this list of best fantasy books) but it was interesting enough. If you're impatient keep in mind the book ends with a cliffhanger, and it's yet unclear when the second one will be published. So you might want to wait (a few years? ) if you want to read all of it in one go.

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