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Whatever happened to Hesse?

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Almost no one I know, whether in "real" life or in cyberspace, remembers the novels of Hermann Hesse that were so popular in the early 70's. I cannot imagine why there has not yet been a Renaissance of interest in his works.

Steppenwolf (yes, the band named itself after the book) was probably the most popular. My personal favorite was Majister Ludi, also called The Glass Bead Game. That book has set the pattern of my learning and teaching. One things leads to many things, and so on, until one bit of information has resulted in exponential information. I have bucked the "No Child Left Behind" educational absurdity for years, trying to maintain the little bead game I attempt to play with my students.

Hesse wrote a marvelous novel exploring the relationship between body and spirit.....Narcissus and Goldman. And, of course, there is Siddartha, in which the boy Gautama evolves into the Buddha.

I would think that Hesse's work would be extremely well-liked in today's cultural climate. His great novels badly need resurrecting.

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