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Maybe I Goofed

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I recently self-published my first novel. Now that I have some distance with it I begin to see why I may have goofed.

For one, I start with a struggle between necromancers and Michaeline priests. This apparent has given some the wrong idea about the book.

I also weave a prophecy into the plot. It is a turn off for some.

The plot is also a simple one. Characters must protect precious gem. Gem is stolen. Thief gets away. Characters must recovery gem.

And I think I may have overused magic.

The simple truth is I don't how my book will be receive as I've not gotten one review for it either. So I guess I'll wait and see what happened. But I've got this feeling I should have waited before publishing it.

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  1. MLSawyer's Avatar
    I didn't self publish, but have a print on demand with Equilibrium Publishing... my book is due out in March 2011 and I'm super excited, but I'm also now thinking 'I could have changed this, that or the other, what if no one likes it...' but then I think... will see what happens. Hind Sight is a wonderful thing.

    There's a lot of helpful info about publishing and a new thread about reviews so have a crack at the review blogs n so on, you'll get one eventually!
  2. feitelberg's Avatar
    Thanks. I've got a print on demand version too. And I maybe premature. I'm very impatient to see something happen and I'm told it takes time for anything to happen.

    Right now I'm doing what I can to let the world know the book is available as I write the next one.
  3. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Do you have a website? Mine is I'm looking for advice and am happy to give my opinion and if you're interested we could exchange links... I can also help with a few html buttons... my current mission is to get as many facebook 'likes' as I can because every time someone clicks on that, my website is shown to every one of their friends... free advertising.
  4. feitelberg's Avatar
    I have many sites on the web. What would you like to see? The site in Smashwords where the book is on sale? The page I put up to collect all the information related to the book? I'm guessing the latter so go to

    I also have a stand-alone blog, a acebook fan page, and files on Scribd, in case you are interested.

    I will take a look at your site and reply to you.

    A link exchange is good too.
    Updated December 30th, 2010 at 11:51 AM by feitelberg