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I'm having the cover of The Venom of Vipers redone by this guy, so I'm trying to get rid of the copies I have with the old cover. If you're a Goodreads member (or sign up to be one) & a US resident, you can enter the giveaway:

I pay the shipping, but sorry-- I'm too cheap to ship internationally. :P

It's more of a sci-fi thriller than straight sci-fi, but if you like that kind of book (along the lines of Michael Crichton's earlier stuff), head over and enter!

If you prefer ebooks...

I'm doing an experiment to see how many people I can get to download The Venom of Vipers for free. The challenge is going to last one week: from Jan 5 to Jan 12, 2011. To get it for free, you'll need a coupon code, which I'll post on my web site, Facebook and Twitter, but the coupon code will change every day.

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Updated January 5th, 2011 at 08:47 AM by kcmay

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  1. MLSawyer's Avatar
    If you had a spare copy at home that you wanted to get rid of and a paypal account I'd pay for the postage to Aus...

    I'm really getting into reading things from people from this site... it adds an extra... I guess thrill would be a good word... to read things from people who you've interacted with.
  2. kcmay's Avatar
    I do have a PayPal account. If you'd like to pay the postage, I'll be happy to shoot a copy out to you! I have about 5 left (after the giveaway on Goodreads). I'll IM you my email addy.