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Säde Mariana


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Seeing Nelac again brought me indescribable peace...and since he healed me the night we arrived, it has felt as if a heavy burden has been lifted from my weary shoulders.

I am greatly worried about the Council, however. I would hate to see Maerad have her hopes dashed after so much toil and hardship on her part. Saliman will be there, though, and he is a skilled diplomat. I, however, detest politics and I doubt I'll be much help in convincing Enkir to allow Maerad to become my sole pupil.

As I sit here and write grimly, I can only fervently hope and pray that Maerad and I are successful.

~Cadvan of Lirigon

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  1. Echowindsong's Avatar
    I hope so too. Not just for our sakes, but for the sakes of all Edil-Amarandh.

    ~ Maerad of Pellinor