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Daily giveaway for The Venom of Vipers

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From now until I decide not to do it anymore , I'm giving away one ebook copy per day of my sci-fi novel The Venom of Vipers.

Details are on my web site:

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  1. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Finally found a spare moment to have a read. Left a review on Smashwords... now if only it will finish uploading / converting my novel so I can selectively put it out there in the hope of getting some readers / feedback / opinions other than that of my family and publisher...

    Happy for you that things seem to be going well. Enjoy your weekend.
  2. kcmay's Avatar
    Thank you so much, ML! I really appreciate the read -- and the great review! So glad you enjoyed it.

    Getting readers is a tough challenge, but other writers I've talked to agree that doing a giveaway like what I did helps get the ball rolling. People who like it will talk about it and recommend it to friends -- the best form of advertising.

    Best of luck with your novel. What's the title, by the way?
  3. MLSawyer's Avatar
    It's called 'Quest of the Demon'... when people ask I usually say it's about dragons and wizards n stuff... but really, dragon's don't feature that much. Young girl gets 'zapped' into another world by accident, within hours her and the apprentice wizard are fleeing Domati (evil wizard guy) to Grisham the Greats cave not only to escape danger (as things from other worlds are highly prized) but to see if Grisham will send her home... drama and adventure ensues. When they get there though, it's not all as it seems, she was 'summoned' not by accident so that she, the young wizard, a knight, elf wanderer and Defyance the dagger bearer can go on the 'quest of the demon'.... it's a stand-alone (sort of) that leads to a series of 6 other books which are in various stages of writing...

    Anyway, once it's on smashwords I'll be putting the word out. I don't write to make money so the giveaway part is easy, it's the whole 'will they like it'... 'what if they don't like it'... 'what if it's really just a pile of....' only time will tell.