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Done it

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Ok, feeling quite sick. I have just sent off my submission to Jo Fletcher books of my newly minted manuscript for Hand of Glory. They tell you to aim high to begin with, but still. Jo Fletcher is one hell of a superb editor/publisher.

Anyway, fingers crossed for a request for a full. Though I doubt it very much.

Still, if nothing heard by the middle of December I will submit to the Angry Robot open door. There again I have big doubts if a full will be requested.

Just the waiting to do now.

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    WOOHOO!!! You will knock his/her socks off! I know it. I love Hand of Glory, and I'm sure they will, too.
  2. Holbrook's Avatar
    Thanks tmso. I really hope she, Jo is a very sharp, clever lady, likes it. Well over a week now and no rejection or request as yet. Though it is early days.
  3. expatrie's Avatar
    What's this I hear about angry robot open subs? Details?