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A. Lynn

In Flux - What's Good and Bad Now

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It seems lately that my life trend features "rejection letters" quite a bit, specifically friends of mine are receiving damaging rejection letters, the type of which actually catalog why a potential writer should simply quit because they are "talent less." Personally, I would suspect that if I had a publishing house that was actually doing it's job and keeping busy, I would not have time to submit a written list of proof as to why an author is crummy. I'd be too busy looking for my next golden egg. But I digress:

The real heart of the matter is that what is "good" and "bad" now will NOT stay the same. When I was going to school, I used to get socially ostracized for the following:
  • Loving Batman and wearing Batman shirts.
  • Being overtly vocal about why more "fantasy" and "Sci-fi" was not on TV.
  • Admitting to being a "nerd" and loving the idea of medieval sword fights.
  • My personal favorite: Wearing a beat-up pair of blue-jeans covered in holes, scrapes, and splotches of acrylic paint (because I actually painted art in them).

All of these things (and likely more) made me a stranger in a strange land, the person others would cast out from social groups and despise because nothing I favored was considered "good" at the time. Flash forward to many years after Highschool and:

  • Everybody, including their mothers and grandmothers even, are wearing Batman shirts; he's everywhere suddenly.
  • Thanks to industry advancements, shows like Terra Nova, Falling Skies, Grim, Supernatural, and Once Upon a Time are in the lineup, and the average person is EXCITED about it. Plus, do not get fans started on Game of Thrones...
  • People now dress up as nerds for Halloween. It's "cool" apparently.
  • Again, my personal favorite: That pair of jeans I used to get made fun of for in school are now on sale for $200 plus at the mall. I used to get scolded for not having "enough money" to buy new jeans (they were simply my favorite jeans, mind you), but now people are shelling out EXTRA money for the privilege of wearing my old jeans?

So my message to you, my fellow cohorts, the fantastic people and fellow writers that are now my virtual family on this forum- KEEP WRITING. Even if it doesn't get published now, or even if it DOES get published but is glossed over in 2014; KEEP IT UP ANYWAYS. Ten years from now, when the next paradigm shift induces a "new" outlook on what is allowed to be "cool" or not, someone may finally notice. You may just be an L.J. Smith, waiting in the wings with your Vampire Paranormal Novel that YOU produced in the 90's (well before any Stephanie Meyers or Charlain Harris' got involved), and at last you may get your own TV series 20+ years later.

P.S. That last bullet-item about the pants actually induced a rather bizarre rant/outburst in Macy's that likely scared those around me, but left me in a state of vindicated catharsis after screaming lines such as "Okay Mall, it's not ME, IT'S YOU!"

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    Very true, A. Lynn. I guess, as artists, we must simply create regardless of what others may think of our creations. Thanks for the post.