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Antony at reviewed The Kinshield Legacy a couple months ago and gave it a solid and very fair 4-star review. I asked if he'd be willing to read my SF novel, The Venom of Vipers, and he agreed. His review is up!

"The Venom of Vipers is insightful, creative and just such an incredible piece of fiction, highly recommended."

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Updated February 11th, 2011 at 06:25 AM by kcmay

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  1. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Cool stuff again.
    I've finally put my novel up on smashwords and it's pending review for the premium catalogue... I have a free coupon in case you ever had the time or incling to have a read...XW94Q
    It was a good review. When I get some spare time I'll have to look for your legacy book to read
  2. kcmay's Avatar
    Thanks! I'll go download it now!
    Yeah, this review really made my... year! LOL
  3. SkyFitsJeff's Avatar
    Congrats! Antony does a pretty good job reviewing.
  4. kcmay's Avatar
    Thanks! Yeah, I enjoy his format. He doesn't give anything away while still drawing attention to what he likes most.