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    Question Need help identifying a book where the main character was put in a time pocket

    The premise of this book was that the main character was conscripted in the an army, but had notions of being in deja vu throughout his life.
    As the book goes on, he finds his military career is a natural fit.
    In one part, I remember him getting a ring and being amazed at how perfectly it fit his finger.

    At the end of the book, the character finds out that he was ambushed and left in a dimensional pocket where time ran backwards.
    Ultimately, he was saved from this pocket and brought back to his family, where he was raised again, but never informed of what had happened.
    I believe the grandfather was harder on him this time around, since the grandfather felt it was his fault the grandson got captured. Not enough training.

    It had the premise of being a series, but I am unable to remember the book or even find the copy I had bought.
    I believe I read this sometime around 2005, give or take a couple years.
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