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    Cadvan's Thread (spoilers for The Riddle)

    Right, well I've been thinking today (as my perverted little mind often does), about Cadvan. We know he doesn't feature directly in Book 3, and I for one will be relatively sad about that. And I know that Alison obviously cant give away plot details concerning him in Book 4. So here's a compromise!! (and here my voice get's all whiny)
    Dear Mrs Croggon, would it be at all possible for you to tell us some background information about Cadvan, you know- like favourite milkshake, least favourite colour, etc etc, and maybe a bit of his history (that which isn't mentioned in the book). I would be ever so grateful and contented whilst I wait for mid 2006 to come round!
    Asides, I thought the Cadvan-fans (now a small army) might as well have this thread for their lustful rantings, kiss-and-tell-Cadvan stories, and so on.
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