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    Ryan hurried as he swept and straightened up what looked like a tornado had done to the inside of the shed "one more thing to do"he said to himself with much amusement but first this matter.... As he threw the now black heart on his bench.He thought hard, wrinkling his face and stroking his beard thoughtfully,then a ever widening smile raced acrossed his face"that's it" he said laughing louder and louder.At once the heart started breaking into a thousand pieces then crumbling into dust. The door to the shed burst open sending in a blast of air swirling the dust off and out into the cool night air.A lone figure stood in the door jam.Gnash entered as Ryan finished saying "died of a broken heart" What did you say Gnash asked but could only get laughter."I want to ask you about someone i saw in the throne room." "THOUGHT you saw" chuckled Ryan as the imp's mouth flew open."I was just coming to find you to show you somthing, but had to clean up first." Not one more word did he say but he grabbed his hand as they sped off in the direction of the throne room slamming the door behind them.Entering the room Ryan raced to a small linen closet and rapped on the door waiting for a reply, three raps came from within and the handle turned slowly. "Go open it"Gnash grabbed the handle,took a deep breath and threw open the door,Out tumbled a small figure"NEFFER"cryed Gnash wiping tears that streamed down his face..."BUT HOW!" "I went right thru you,i thought you were a spirit!"A reflection to be exact Ryan said laughing as he pointed to some mirriors now stacked along the wall. Her reflection was transfered from this small closet to right there .....Oldest trick in the book Ryan continued hardly able to control his laughter. [FEEL FREE TO EDIT THIS AND CLEAN IT UP A BIT AS THIS IS MY FIRST AT THIS]

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    We are closing this story now, so I'd lke to personally thank each and everyone of you who contributed. Collectively, we came up with some great ideas and exciting scenes, something you shoud all be very proud of!

    My thanks too for allowing me the opportunity of editing our contributions. It was a task of mammoth proportion, yet one I thoroughly enjoyed! I apologise that, if in the course of ensuring a reasonable continuity, some of your words were ommited or amended.

    For now though, you can view my latest edit here, or continue the story discussion here.

    So, who's game to start us of again? Perhaps someone has an idea for a sequel? Maybe we can build a collection entitled Imp Tales or something!

    Thanks again,



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