I have noticed with some disappointment that some fantasy books i have bought recently have started off very well, full of action and suspense and the promise of an interesting tale.
Only to find after the first chapter it dwindles of into flat, boring description of character hystory, lives, religion etc.

Some of the books were written by well known authors too.

Why do authors insist on filling up their novels with, what i consider, needless information. It really does put me off the storyline when i get lost in the mountain of unnessary detail.

I thought fantasy stories where about dragons, magic, interesting and unusual people and creatures.
Not full of people's childhood, first loves, marriages, affairs, making their fortunes etc.

I know this may seem like a long drawn out moan and your probably right. But i am getting fed up of throwing money away on books that just arent interesting.

Is there anyone else out there that would prefer reduced versions of fantasy stories, I bet most books could be cut in half if they didnt include all the blathering.


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