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    Well thank goodness the content seems more broadminded than the title. I was worried that someone had dared to 'define' women... that was what seemed so outrageous.

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    One book prescribed at my university for creative writing is:

    Grenville, Kate. (1990) The Writing Book: A Workbook for Fiction Writers , Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest, Australia.

    It's really good for developing a short story over the duration of the book, from initial ideas, right up until advice on submitting for publication. Also good for novel writing, same ideas apply I guess.

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    Talking hi kvi

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    Thumbs up

    Star Map Marjorie Fish's
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    9) Tau Ceti
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    C) Gliese 76
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    Cool writing resources

    Thanks, Hereford! Read your reply, and went to my local library to get "On Killing." Since I'd read Gabriel's work "No More Heroes," I was on familiar ground. But Grossman does the better job on pointing up operant conditioning, and that's precisely what I'm interested in.

    The last time I experimented with writing science fiction I was in a creative writing class. My story concerned a 22nd century "medicine man;" more like Merlin, actually, and freaked the beejeezus out of one of my classmates. He insisted that I'd trivialized Native American beliefs. No way could I get him to see that, once upon a time, European tribes had shamans as well. Anyway, that's the last time I wrote anything in this area, but I know this idea has been written up before and published. Just can't remember whom.

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    Here's an excerpt from in a Fantasy newsletter about Wizards, Priests and Shamans.

    Now, what distinguishes a priest from a shaman? You could say that the difference is that priests are civilized and shamans are not, but you'd probably be wrong in many cases. Priests can function in a wild setting among barbarians, while a shaman could work in a city setting (although this is more rare in literature than a wild priest).

    The shaman, on the other hand, sees the relationship of being between equals. When the shaman wants something, (s)he may perform rituals, but they tend to be the method of communicating, not something done to make the powers happy. The shaman negotiates with the powers, to access their abilities. Sometimes the powers the shaman works with want something done, so the shaman does it, not because (s)he was told to do so, but because now the powers will owe her/him a favor (s)he can call in later. Generally the shamans refer to the powers they work with as spirits rather than gods. In practice there is little difference but it helps to reinforce the difference in the relationships between shaman and spirit from those between priest and god.

    Now, shamans don't just exist in the pages of fantasy literature. There is a lot of real world shamanism, which I'll take a look at next time.

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    Thanks, Milamber. What I did was create a character who recognized a supreme being, but saw himself as being chosen by this being to be a mediator (I think that's the word I want) between good and evil, light and dark, if you will. He used drugs like peyote to create vision states; he practiced morning and evening prayer rituals, and he had been trained in the use of herbal medicine. So what was he? Shaman? Priest?

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    Sounds more like a priest, though to me the difference between priest and shaman is the setting and how he fits in with the immediate world.

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    I looked "shaman" up in Encarta. According to their definition, he's closer to being that, but what I didn't know is that the origin of the term and the practice is Siberian. That would fit within the Native American traditions, so I stand corrected. The European variants appear to exist within witchcraft and druidism.

    We live. We learn. Ouch.

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    I've come to this thread a couple of times in the past, but as it was getting longer it became more tedious to wade through all the posts. So I figured it might be best if I just went through them all and made an easy-to-read list of the resources recommended here, and that's what I did.

    I'm posting it here in hopes that it will likewise be easier for the rest of you to use as well. Included is EVERY book and website recommended on the list (though in one or two cases, I didn't list every individual webpage link but just the site address itself), up through today's date.

    In the few cases where there is a number "2" in parentheses after the listing, that means it was recommended by two different people.

    Everything is very loosely separated by category.

    And yes, I was really bored.

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    Telling Lies for Fun and Profit, by Lawrence Block. Inspirational. (2)

    Zen in the Art of Writing, by Ray Bradbury. Inspirational. (2)

    On Writing, by Stephen King. Inspirational/ Autobiographical. (2)

    Dare to be a Great Writer, by Leonard Bishop. Inspirational.

    All I Know About Writing, by John Marsden. Inspirational.

    Finding Your Writer's Voice, by Thaisa Frank & Dorothy Wall. Inspirational, but not too highly recommended by the person who listed it.

    The Elements of Style, by William Strunk. Mechanics.(2)

    The 38 Most Common Writing Mistakes, by Jack Bickham. Mechanics.

    Character and Viewpoint, by Orson Scott Card. Mechanics.

    Conflict, Action and Suspense, by William Noble. Mechanics.

    How to Write a Damn Fine Novel, by James Frey. Mechanics.

    Any Sol Stein editorial commentaries (there's one for shorts writers, and one for authors). Mechanics.

    The Writing Book: A Workbook for Fiction Writers, by Kate Grenville. Mechanics. Short-story development.

    Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, by Renni Browne & Dave King. Mechanics.

    Story, by Robert McKee. Mechanics of screen-writing.

    Steering the Craft, by Ursula LeGuin. Mechanics. Laid out as a series of writing exercises dealing with the basics of narrative.

    How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy, by Orson Scott Card. SF/Fantasy Mechanics.

    The Craft of Science Fiction, edited by Reginald Bretnor. SF Mechanics. Features input from Pournelle, Niven, Anderson, Pohl, Herbert, Nourse, Spinrad, Brunner, Clement, Williamson, MacLean, Ellison, and Sturgeon.

    Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy by Crawford Kilian. SF/Fantasy Mechanics. A basic book for beginners.

    Notes to a Science Fiction Writer, by Ben Bova. SF Mechanics. The basics of plot, character & background in SF using his stories as examples.

    Woman - An Intimate Geography. Reference (for realism of female characters).

    Survival of the Prettiest - The Science of Beauty by Nancy Etcoff. Reference (for realism of female characters).

    The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference, by Writer's Digest Books. Reference (on everything from the anatomy of a castle and armor, to world cultures and mythologies).

    From Pitch to Publication, by Carole Blake. Written by a London literary agent.

    On Killing by Dave Grossman. Reference. For realism. Focuses on the sociology and psychology of the act with ideas and studies that may surprise you but will definitely educate you.

    INTERNET RESOURCES Reference and resources aplenty. Reference resources for medieval/mythological info. Reference for Fantasy world-building. Reference for Fantasy. Mythology, folklore and legends. Links page for (mostly Fantasy, Mythological and medieval) writers resources. Reference for genre fiction. Reference which lists publications, organizations, market news, online workshops, reference sources, and general advice. A basic, simple to use cartography/plan design program. For Military SF. (see KJWs April 9, 2003 thread for more military info and links). Onomastikon, by Kate Monk. This is a very detailed compilation of actual names from around the world from many cultures, nicely indexed, with some background on how each of these cultures' names developed. Name generators. I dont see how this link is relevant to writers, but it was listed so here it is. This link appears to be broken.

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    I'm new and I don't know if anybody has posted this but I find this site helpful. Monster database. It's contantly adding to the list as well.

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    Originally posted by TyranT
    I'm new and I don't know if anybody has posted this but I find this site helpful. Monster database. It's contantly adding to the list as well.
    Welcome to the community...

    ....& what a cool link - cheers for that, definately one to bookmark.


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    Originally posted by TyranT
    I'm new and I don't know if anybody has posted this but I find this site helpful. Monster database. It's contantly adding to the list as well.
    Thanx, I stubbled on it not to long ago.

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    Gravity's End -

    Yes, the chroniclesofempire link won't work - lost parts of a site in a server crash a few months back. I'll have to see about reconstructing a links page.

    For the moment the writer's board here will have to suffice, as this is where all my own writer resources are:

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