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    If any of you are working on SF stories then the following link miight be of interest as a source of research. It's an ongoing journal written by one of the members of the crew aboard the International Space Station. It's quite well written too.



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    Originally posted by KJW

    Star Map Marjorie Fish's
    1) Zeta 1 Reticuli
    2) Sun
    3) Alpha Mansae
    4) Zeta 2 Reticuli
    5) Gliese 86
    6) Gliese 59
    7) Tau 1 Eridani
    8) 82 Eridani
    9) Tau Ceti
    A) 107 Piscium
    B) 57 Piscium
    C) Gliese 76

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    28 - for all things heraldic and chivalrous, has a great glossary of terms for arms and armour - for herblore - for medieval view of things - for allsorts of info on castles (uses popup ads though)
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    Found an interesting list of ancient livelihoods...

    Ancient names for livelihoods of the past
    or if you want to paste it into your browser:

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    Great list! Thank you - I particularly liked the "Pit Brow Lass"!

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    The Eureka Alert has the latest news from just about every area of science. Useful as a research tool and as an idea bank when searching for inspiration.

    The Eureka Alert

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    I found this, not so much a resourse, or at least a useful one but amusing none the less. Its a story generator

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    Tried the plot generator:

    Yellow orcs are slaughtered by the blessed figurine, but water dragons destroy the world.
    Isn't that straight out of Jordan or Fiest or something?

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    If you hurry to this site: Write4success

    You can download a free ebook full of writing advice written by writers well on their way on the lifetime learning curve of writing. They're not industry professionals yet but alternatively may have more of an understanding of what beginning writers need to know... and hey... it's free.

    If you wander around Marg's site you can also sign up for her free tipsheet. She's a lovely honest woman and you're not signing up for a world of spam by getting her tipsheet.

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    Oh if anyone wants me to forward them the latest tipsheet so they can see what they get, just email me.

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    I just found out that the Online Writing Workshops have a new workshop devoted to fiction. I was a member of the SF/F workshop for a while - way back when it was part of Del Rey and I found that it drastically improved my writing skills. This new one is not particular to SF/F, but it is free for the first few months (as they test it). The intention is that once they have a strong enough membership, they may start charging.

    Anyway, I have found that the crit turn-around time is great (1-2 days for your first review) and the feedback is pretty helpful.

    Here's the link.

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    Another page of links to add to the links page.

    This site provides links to all things military (historical and contemporary) - including some useful glossaries of military jargon and soldier slang (ideal for perfecting your invective).
    I would particularly reccommend the:
    Military History Encyclopedia on the Web;
    which is located in the dictionaries and encyclopedias section.

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    Add Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss to your grammar text books. It is done with a love for and a sense of humor about punctuation marks that makes it much more digestible than prescription books. Also distinguishes between the Queen's and American rules.

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    I've been meaning to get that book for a while. It's actually on several bestseller lists right now, which is surprising for a book on grammar...maybe there is hope for the world after all

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