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    Awww, why not?
    anyways I was thinking about it and the inheritance "trilogy" is very similar to the Pellinor series, I mean except for the dragons of course, it's just like hey look there is this magical language and there are these dark creatures named urgals, oh and don't for get durza (I don't remember how to spell it) the evil shade and OMG the evil king Galbatorix, there's also the whole I have a long lost brother thing, oh and don't forget Brom, stealing Eragon away from his farmy life, and running away from the darkness because he has a special power and I even see a resemblance in the maps and they both have the minor translations in the back and crap. . . as long as they don't mess up the Pellinor series like the did Eragon we're all good

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    I've read, like, half of Eragon, before I read Brisinger, so I just gave up on it because the mythology became too cryptic. I got my hold on Brisinger, and I read a few pages of it, liked it, but left it there, because I lacked time, and the strength to carry such an eNORmous book in my bag, and I wantedd to wander away from the fantasy genre a bit.

    I hope you're not implying that either of them is the copy of another or some ideas have been borrowed. Yes, the basic idea is the same - a foreign world, an alternate reality, if you like, and it's drawn up exactly to the Earth world, but with all sorts of medieval touches, which explains maps and histories and languages and all.

    And just as to not appear off-topic, what role does Sienna Guillory play in Eragon? She might be good for Milana, I think, what say you?

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    I was grumpy when I wrote that. . . lol eh oh well and I don't like to question peoples creditability, but Christopher was 14 when he wrote Eragon so I wouldn't be surprised if he did barrow ideas, either way though it's an okay series thus far I am excited for the next book, and Sienna Guillory played Arya in the movie. I could see her as a Maerad also now that I look at her

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    so my little siblings were just watching the movie Dog Gone, don't like that movie, and I think Luke Benward could play hem pretty well.

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    Jake Gyllenhaal as Cadvan

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