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    Ever Struggled with Erikson?

    I have nothing but good things to say about these books....

    but, I seem to be struggling to get through Memories of Ice, the 3rd book. In fact, with all three books I find it's taking me an abnormally long time to get through them. Since the start of 2005, all I've really read are the first 3 Malazan books (GotM was a re-read), and it's already late May!

    I don't know if there's other reasons for the significant decline in my rate of reading... I've read all Jordan and Martin's books, as well as many other FAT fantasy novels, but lately it seems I have a harder time ploughing through them.

    Anyone else ever find Erikson a bit tough at times?

    That being said, I'm still loving the book and the series, so I don't really have anything to complain about. Just the fact that they're taking me forever to read!

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    I struggled with Gardens of the Moon, had put it down twice and the third time went charging in with both guns blazing. I was having difficulty with the adept/ascendent/"pawn" scenario in how the concept related between a couple of characters within Gardens of the Moon's storyline. In fact it wasn't the book creating the stumbling block it was me and my closed-mindedness. I was so closed-minded, I didn't see any adept/ascendent/"pawn" scenario so it made for awkward reading. What a pitiful child (in thought) I was then.

    Since then, I discovered Gardens of the Moon a supremely rewarding fantasy novel. One of the best ever. And since then, Steven Erikson IS my favorite fantasy author (a distinction previously held by GRRM). Never struggled with any of his novels since.

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    PS You might be distracted or just need a break from reading. Odd thing, once I finished GotM I couldn't get enough of Erikson, never thought any writer to surpass the impact GRRM had on me. But it happened.

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    I really liked MOI but found that it slowed down quite a bit after the Darujistan (sp?) section. Just a lot of dialogue sections that seem to be easy bantering on one level, but also have a significant deeper meaning that you have to look for. Because Eriksons books are so long and there's so much going on, reading him is really kind of an exhausting process.
    Keep going EA, the ending is definately worth it.

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    Yes, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the books. When I started Gardens of the Moon I thought I had missed 3 books in the series already, like there was all kinds of stuff I should have already known about the world, the chararcters and various factions and races. Another thing, you can't afford to "snooze" through any pages (I can get away with this with most authors), you have to devote full attention at all times.
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    Oh yes, Erikson's books are busy but never overwhelming. Just need to remain keen and sharp at all times. A seemingly random piece of dialogue or event can bear immense weight later in the novel. Or novels. One of the few accusations I've heard from less favourable readers about MBotF is he crams his books full of magic, uberones, and battles, nothing, my dear is further from the truth. There is an intricate and complex order in the "chaos" and there are no loose strands, in fact as you progress further into the series you begin to become more familiar and a degree of greater simplicity bears light. Multilayered brilliance I will add.

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    I enjoyed the first two Malazan novels, but by no stretch of the imagination was I able to breeze through them. There was a lot going on, almost too much. This is why I'm looking forward to reading GotM and DG when Memories of Ice hits US shelves.

    I read them both about 3 years ago back to back, so I probably did devour them more quickly than I should have.

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    The American Tor release of Memories of Ice TPB/HC won't be hitting the shelves til November of this year.

    But at, marketplace partners have booksellers selling imported mass markets from the U.K. Usually running in the estimate $10-15 a piece, including all three remaining published titles -- Memories of Ice, House of Chains, and Midnight Tides.

    BTW the sixth volume, The Bonehunters, has a tentative overseas release date of March 2006.

    Thought I would let you know!

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    I found GotM a little tricky, but as I was well warned in advance I read carefully the more confusing parts and so didn't have any problems. I've pretty much breezed through the rest of the series, though towards the end of HoC I started to forget who's who out of the minor characters. The Dramatis Personae at the front lists like 140 characters or something. If Erikson keeps introducing new characters at the same rate, by the end of the series there could be in excess of a thousand characters!

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    Wow, I can't believe how long it took the US to get Erikson in stores. Here in Canada, all the books are already in paperback. Memories of Ice, House of Chains, and Midnight Hunters included. Can't people in the US just buy those here, off of Amazon.CA?

    Anyway, I'm in another lull with MoI, but I'm about halfway through and I mean to get on with it! Darned school/work/life.
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    Anyone else ever find Erikson a bit tough at times?
    oh, yes. I found GotM tough ALL the times. If I hadn't bought the first three books together I doubt I'd continue the series. But I'm glad I did. The first book was really difficult to read, especially for me, because English is not my native language. But next books made more sense and I become quite an Erikson's fan.

    Later the story becomes much more linear, so it is easier to read. As Erikson said: "Having reached the halfway point, I don't know how much more complicated I can make the series. Not without all our brains exploding." Quite encouraging, wouldn't you say?

    That said, Midnight Tides is already unusualy little complicated compared to the first four books. And it was really fun read, although I still think, that the third book is the best in the series so far. But then again, Midnight Tides has a lot of excellent humour similiar to Discworld novellas that I found very refreshing in contrast to more tragedy like tone of the series.
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    Ditto Snow's comments, Memories of Ice is probably my favorite though Deadhouse Gates had some memorable stuff too. Probably the most pivotal book too. The siege of Capustan and the introduction of some radical races/ascendents/gods combined with a sufficient amount of loose ends tied. Hard to beat.

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    A friend who works in our local bookstore gave me an advance copy of GotM, which sat around the house for a while till one day I said, Why not? I sort of breezed into it at first and then had to say wait a minute pay attention! After that I found out it was a very impressive story. And, yes, it's a drag that the US publications a r e s o s l o w in being released. Erikson is a breath of fresh air in the same way Martin was when I first picked up SoIaF. Completely new creation out of his own original conception. I've read through DG and maybe read a little too fast. We had a weekend of foul weather here in the Northeast, so I hunkered down to a fourteen hour session. A little bleary eyed on Sunday afternoon, with a whoa-ye gods I put down the book. I'll have to re-read it with a little more patience prior to MoI. Looks like a road trip to Canada is in order, I can't wait until November. Well if GRRM really, actually releases Crows in July I'll probably catch myself back up with that. Not to take anything away from other authors, but I really appreciated Erikson's departure from the safe, straight road. Sure, it took more concentration, but I felt rewareded by persaverance. I remember thinking how odd that I'm getting this advance copy, this guy can really write, where's he been hiding? Not until I logged onto this site was the mystery solved, in Europe. At least it seems the Europeans have read so mush farther into the series as to make "advance copy" sound foolish. Well, Evil I hope you stick with it and get the same enjoyment a growing number of fans share.

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    Grey Sea,

    If you love Erikson and Martin, there is a third author in the "fold", and that is R Scott Bakker. His trilogy series is titled The Prince of Nothing, are highly steeped in intrigue, action, and earnest ambitious ideas. Characterizations are excellent, plotting is fabulous, and world-building (I was abit intimidated by it initially), but the way the story is constructed especially the composition of it's chapters, that's not an issue at all. Cerebral easy to follow thinking person's fantasy, with some deep relevent and striking themes and personalities placed within a completely fantasy setting. In the vein of say Gene Wolfe, Herbert, W. M. Miller, C.S. Friedman, and Guy Gavriel Kay but a succeeding vision completely unique in of itself with the strong resonance bent of Martin and Erikson. No black & white archetypes neither any safe easy roads taken. Realistic complexities. Can easily join Erikson as my personal favorites.

    1. The Darkness That Comes Before
    2. The Warrior Prophet
    3. The Thousandfold Thought
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    Well, ok, I read the end of GotM twic before I got what was going on, at first I thought they'd been attacked by a wholly mammoth or something.

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