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    Smile samit basu

    Just finished reading The Simoqin Prophecies.Clichetic as it might sound but it's the best spoof I've read till date.

    I've wriiten an elaborate review in my blog :>

    I'm eagerly waiting for the sequel to come out. And I'm very much interested in the identity of the Mr. James Bond 'Silver Dagger'.The romantic angle concerning Asvin,Rukmini,Maya and Kirin is quite a tangle to resolve.

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    Thanks a lot, litfan. Do visit my blog, Duck of Destiny, for updates and more material.

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    I am interested in starting up a thread to discuss the role of the female energy in fantasy literature. Let me extrapolate...
    For years now I have been obsessed with the female element in fantasy and mythology, especially the way in which the double-edged nature of the female energy has been portrayed. WOMAN: creator and destroyer, giver and taker of life, she who epitomises the heighest heights of joy and the deepest depths of despair.
    First let me just say that I have had quite a lot of fun browsing through the Forums and the Blogs on It's simply amazing how many talented and knowledgeable sff buffs are out there. A truly valuable resource! I'm a bit new to internet based discussion forums so am hoping that all you seasoned veterans will help this poor queen through her foray into virtual reality.
    This preoccupation with the opposing elements of female identity, and their manifestation in fantastical and mythological creatures, was i believe first instilled in me when I was taken to a Kali Ma temple in the South of India when i was just a child. Those who are familiar with Indian mythology will know what i'm talking about. Kali Ma symbolises to me the darker elements of the female psyche; death, destruction, chaos, and the will to dominate and subdue vs. birth, creation, balance, and the desire to serve and nurture.

    I do not want to rant any longer as this is meant to be simply a starting point for what I hope will be an interesting and informative discussion. I would like to hear from anyone who has read science fiction or fantasy literature that deals with female characters that are represented in this way.

    I've already got a thread up and running on the Fantasy section, but just thought i should get the message out there.

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    samit basu

    Hello I am Basu. I am a asian and from Bangladesh. I have just joined this forum after hearing from my friends and making sense more clear by sharing ideas with my forum members.

    Hope we all enjoyed the forum very most.

    by the way,

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