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    Any writers here have an opinion about the Kindle Scout crowd-sourcing thing?

    Kindle Scout ( is a new crowd-sourced publishing platform introduced by Amazon just over a month ago. I was wondering if any other authors here have submitted anything to it, and if so, what your experience was? I submitted something, promoted it for a bit, but then ran out of steam. The campaign lasts 30 days, and that ended up feeling like a very long time for such a process. I feel as if I would be better at promoting my book if the whole thing was available (ie. actually published & for sale & reviewable in its entirety), but since readers can only base nominations on a glimpse of the first 2000 words, I feel that the process sort of devolves into who can do the most shameless self-promotion over a 30 day period and get people (friends, family, strangers) to nominate them blindly. Given the amount of effort I put into it, it now feels as if a better use of that energy might have been to simply self-publish it using LuLu or the like and make it available as an inexpensive e-book. Anyway, if anybody else dabbled in Kindle Scout, I'd love to have a dialogue about it. And if others have experience with self-publishing, I'd like to converse about that as well. I have several novels that I might try to put out there in the near future.

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    Never tried the new program they offer but I think itís worth a try because of Amazonís ability to sell e-books using its algorithms and marketing.

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