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    Can you make some descriptions of my character?

    This is Stormstein, a power-hungry villain who wants to rule the world and destroy everything.
    He's also smart and very strong. He's a king of his home planet.

    Here's some pictures to look at him:


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    "And then the skies were scorched, and the heavens had become without Earth. . . ."

    For some reason, I imagine Stormstein living in the distant future, ruler of a world scarred by a nuclear war that had occured thousands of years earlier.

    He needs some sort of flaw, though. Maybe he's conflicted about his role as leader? Maybe he becomes depressed at the thought that his office is the only thing keeping the fragments of humanity from delving into anarchy. He might also struggle with having to appear as brutal in order to maintain power -- a struggle that stems from his fundamental love for humanity and desire to see it rise above its current condition.

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