Just returned from Melbourne and the wonderful "Continuum". I had a ball - besides the announcement about The Tainted being in the Top Ten Voyager books (how in the name of any deity do I get mentioned in the same breath as Tolkien, Bradbury, Feist, Goodkind etc???), it was a delight to meet Robin Hobb and Poppy Z. Brite, plus almost all the Australian Voyager authors.

Neil Gaiman was the other guest and I never did get near him because of the fans, but what a funny, lovely man he is. So approachable , if all those fans are anything to go by, and totally unpretentious in spite of his stature. Robin Hobb has to be one of the greats of the fantasy genre, and she also turned out to be so unpretentious, even shy. A lovely lady with a great many very sensible things to say. I was a fan before the con, now even more so.