If anyone is going to Interaction in Glasgow, please feel free to talk to me. In fact, I shall probably be a little lost and bewildered and need of a kind word!!

My programme is as follows:

Thursday 4th:
READING 8 p.m.
Probably from "GILFEATHER" which is due for publication in the US in November (Penguin/ACE books).
The Australian version is already available from any Oz online bookstore (try Sydney's Galaxy Bookstore) or from my daughter's online shop in the UK (simbiotic.co.uk)

Sunday 7th:
PANEL 2:00pm (See above thread as well)
Is The Future Non-Western? (1.5 hrs)
Moderated by Liz Williams, also with Mari Kotani (Japan), Klaus Mogensen (Denmark),Cristina Pulido Ulvang (Norway)
A future dominated by Pacific Rim economies and Indian outsourcing
has been a popular theme in SF since the cyberpunk wave and before.
Is the world now moving in this direction, and if so what path will
it take? Will this affect SF writing?

If you have any thoughts on this that you would like raised during the panel, please add something to the thread above.

Monday 8th : 2 p.m.
Heavens, they have put me in the same coffee chat group as Anne McCaffrey. I'll be the other woman, probably speechless, wondering what on earth to say in the presence of someone as popular as she is!! Anyway, if you want to chat, this is your opportunity. Or you grab me some other time when I am not so overwhelmed by the company...
Others present are Frank Roger and Michael Cobley.