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    Cool Introduce Your-Self!!

    hey guys!!
    i thought it would be cool if we could learn a little bit about who were talking too!! even thought most of us probebly know each other from other forms, i thought it would be fun!!!
    well, i'll go first:

    Name: Jessica
    Nickname: Jess or Phedre
    Country: Australia, Vic
    What i'm like: Well i have -at the moment anyway - red hair, but normaly it's brown/black, blue eyes, i'm 5"6, i laugh all the time and i also smile ALOT!!!!
    What i like to do: i love to read books, paint, shop, listening to music talking.
    What books i like to read: well, istead of telling you the books, i'll tell you the arthurs names!!! theres Isobelle Carmody, Aison Croggon, Kate Foyrth *of course*, Jacquline Carey, J.K.Rowling, Terry Goddkind and lots more, but i can't think at the moment!!
    Favourite things: chocolate!!! *mmmmmmm yummy!!! * Books, movies, cats, family and friends
    Last Words: Kiss Kiss and Blessed Be

    hope to hear from you all!!

    Goddess *Jess*

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    Hi Goddess

    Lovely to know a bit more about you, Jess. I like to as well, I must admit. We sound like we have a lot in common ie chocolate, cats, music, books etc

    I don't know when I'll be down to Melbourne - I was hoping to get down to Continuum recently, but just could not get away.

    I'm GoH at Conflux in Canberra next eyar, so maybe come up and see me there?

    anyway, glad to know you like the books!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Goddess
    Nickname: Jess or Phedre

    I wandered into this thread to let you know I ordered The Witches Of Eileanan. Should have it somewhere next week.

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    Howdy, Kate! I just read The Witches of Eileanan recently and enjoyed it. I will definitely proceed with the series. Just bear with me, eh? I read mucho and I like to check out as many authors as possible.

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    isnt that just an awesome book?

    Hey everyone , Ive just read Tower of Ravens and completely loved fact i read the whole thing in just 4 days. I was wondering if anyone knows when the 2nd book of series comes out in my little New Zealand... I cant wait to read it!!!

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    Hey Olao - hope you'll see this. It's out already in Trade paperback size.


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    thanx, I already got it actually! but dnt really have time to read coz got my exams....

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