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    5 years!!!!!

    And we thought waiting a year between TSC and HOTS was a long wait!


    I LOVE cats as well I have 5 who have chosen to live with me and mine at the moment in time - Odin, Friday (or Freya), Isis, (Friday and Isis are Odin's daughters - Drew, their mother, was one-eyed after she was hit by a car but she has passed on now) Marius and our new little girl, Taylor

    We also had a little boy by the name of Armand who was a little russian blue. He and Marius took on the relationship that Marius and Armand have in Anne Rice's books to an absolute T! Marius was his protector, his teacher, his constant companion ...

    ...until he was sadly taken away from us

    We also have 2 dogs (Jack and Mac), a guinea pig (Lewen - ) and a rabbit (Zippy)

    The children have obviously had a hand in the naming of some of our furry friends

    Again, welcome!


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    thats because kate is the best

    all of kates books are AMAZING works of art......or at least i say so there's been some people responding badly to her praise latly......but thats not my point. kate is one on the legands of fanticy . wait no not a legand id go so far as a god, she comes out with books every year on time.....and every book is better than the last. not to mentoin her books are more addicting than breathing, but thats a good thing because i at least cant get ENOGH .

    well thats about it for now

    p.s kate if you read this id like to say keep up the great work.

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    My name is Mary.
    I live in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
    My favourite authors are Kate Forsyth, Jennifer Fallon, Lynn Flewelling, Anne Bishop, Sara Douglas, Isobelle Carmody, Tamora Pierce, Diana Wynne Jones, Emily Rodda, Gillian Rubenstein, Phillip Pullman, William Nicholson, Jonathon Stroud, Michael Pryor, Tolkein, Rowling, Julian May, Garth Nix, and many others xD
    I like to read (who would have thought?), play sports, go on the internet, play music, listen to music, study (xD)...
    I have four guinea pigs >>

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