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    News, happenings and Appearances

    Thought I might as well start a new thread for letting people know things that were happening to me and the books.

    Latest news is that 'The Tower of Ravens' has been doing well on release in the US - it reached No 11 on the Barnes & Noble fantasy paperback list, and No 24 on the national book track fantasy paperback list. Plus there's been heaps of good reviews, mainly from romance websites, which will hopefully win a few new readers.

    My next appearance will be at the History Writing Festival at the NSW Writers centre on September 24th 2005, talking about writing history for the YA market.

    I'll post again next time there's news!


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    Congratulations on the success. Im sure its well deserved!

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    How did the festival go?

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    Any news on when Heart of Stars is due for release in Australia?

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    It came out yesterday

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