View Poll Results: Who do you think resembles/ should act Maread?

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  • Rose Byrne

    25 14.88%
  • Amber Tamblyn

    19 11.31%
  • Emilie De Raven

    10 5.95%
  • Eva Green

    17 10.12%
  • Rachel McAdams

    13 7.74%
  • Alexis Bledel

    28 16.67%
  • Elaine Cassidy

    19 11.31%
  • You

    40 23.81%
  • Complete Unknown

    52 30.95%
  • Slightly Known

    15 8.93%
  • Fan Art version

    14 8.33%
  • Our very own Bridie!

    1,000,000,010 100.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jate > Skate Gemini's Avatar
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    Who do you think resembles Maerad?

    Well, we've done it for Cadvan, why not Maerad.... Here it is the "Who do you think resembles Maerad" poll. I made it resembles b/c i think some ppl have an issuse with movies being made out of the books . In either case, take it as who you'd like to see act her. **Plz be polite ppl, some of these debates are getting quite heated***

    Also, in your posts don't forget to say who you voted for and why, if you choose 'Fan Art' says who's and post a link if you can.

    Plus, to be extra nice, you can choose more than one option.
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    Jelly Fetishist
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    Well, I feel naughty for doing this but I voted for five of the options- Elaine Cassidy, Eva Green, Rose Byrne, Alexis Bledel and a complete unknown. Talk about contradictionary!
    My reason for doing so is because I think all of the actresses have features that resemble Maerad, although I wouldn't say any of them is the spitting image of how I imagine her. For example I think Alexis Bledels' eyes are very Maerad, and her skin has that luminoscity. I like Eva Green because she looks relatively young, and at the same time has that real feyness of spirit that we can associate with Maerad. The same can be said for Elaine Cassidy, with her unconventional yet Maerad-ish looks. I also like the innocence of Rose Byrne's face, and think that she has given some very strong acting performances in some productions.
    At the same time, I feel perhaps that none would be appropriate. They can't be considered old (I believe they're all about 25 or under), yet we need to remember that Maerad is only 16. To be honest, most 16 year olds visibly do not look as old as these actresses. In which case, perhaps a young unknown would be a better option...

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    If Rose Byrne were younger she would be my vote ... but as it stands, Amber Tamblyn is.

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    Forty Six & 2 Siobhan's Avatar
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    I still reckon Rachel McAdams but seeing as no one else does, I put down Rose Byrne as well cos she comes pretty close to LOOKING like Maerad, so it doesn't matter that either of them are too old

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    I voted for Amber........coz she looks like the Maerad in my mind, and I voted for Elaine as a kinda backup sort of thing.........

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    ive voted for no one yet

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    Registered User LaMalJumellen's Avatar
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    I voted for Eva Green, I think she's a fantastic actress and stunning as well. In the Kingdom of Heaven. Brilliant. Plus, which is always good, she looks a lot like how I imagined Maerad and I don't think she looks too old.

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    Positive realist eevee's Avatar
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    I voted for Alexis Bledel, because she has the right look, but I don't think she could necessarily pull of the character. Felicity Jones was a great suggestion though, just with some blue contacts. She is really close to how I imagine Maerad

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    Registered User Lemur_Girl's Avatar
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    I think Natalie Portman when she was young would have been the best bet...

    however that's just me...

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    I think that fans should make the film and act in it. However unlikely...

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    The pic that Alex posted was of natalie portman at like age 13 and it was in a movie called "the Professional" in the US (Leon in the UK). I chose rachel McAdams, but now that I see pics of the other girls I would say either Alexis Bledel or Eva Green or that girl... Felicity Jones... I picture Maerad with long dark hair with a slight wave... not straight... like hair that kinda curls a little when it gets damp or wet... sexy hair I guess.. the kind of hair I would love to have. Natalie's hair is much too straight in the movie "anywhere but here" right age... wrong hair... and she has a too much of a warm facade... I always pictured Maerad as more closed off... slightly haunted... Natalie is too fun in my opinion... Love her tho as an actress

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    I should totally play Maerad cuz then I get to (*swoons*) cry on Cadvan's shoulder...

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    hisss.. Silver Serpent's Avatar
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    *spins around* then again maybe I'd be good...

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    Registered User evisel's Avatar
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    I just watched the chronicles of narnia the older sister in the movie would play the perfect maerad her name is Anna Popplewell

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    I agree with Evisel.

    But then again, I think I would make a brilliant Maerad myself

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