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I'd love to play a proper vr game(if i'm stil alive), but also what I think would be great is a free roaming rpg set in a vast map (to the same theme but bigger than monster hunter's)With no set storyline. the idea is that you pick a theme or a sort of guideline but with no set objectives, you create your own with what you choose to do with the game e.g if you pick a theme where for example there might be one main ruler you may choose to go on an all out vendetta to overthrow him/her/it or mabye join him/her/it. I think that this would be great because there would be no end to the game. I no that it is seriously doubtful that this would ever happen but I think it may be possible to be made.
You're making me feel guilty, Dean! I haven't played Monster Hunter in quite some time and I'm still on the level four missions. I'll get back into it soon, I hope.

Oh, and we have a place for inventing new games; it's here (be good to get that up and going again). Check it out (cool idea, kinda similar to one of the ones I put up).