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    Da Roolz (New Members - read this first!!!)/ Spoiler tags

    Hi all - I'm spending a bit too much time deleting irrelevant posts. And you don't want that, do you? You want me to be at my computer, writing the next thrilling instalment of the Pellinor series...

    So, please attend to some basic forum etiquette. (And read the SFF world forum guidelines, posted above).

    First, and most importantly: sffworld is not a chat site. So try to stay basically on-topic and post in the relevant threads. Otherwise I spend hours tidying up threads. I've put a special chattery thread for those who wish to stray endlessly off-topic, so head there if the impulse takes you. Remember that other people read these threads, and are put off by scrolling through screeds of irrelevant posts.

    Second, out of courtesy especially to members whose first language isn't English, avoid text message speak. It's hard to read.

    Thirdly, be nice, even if something gets you a bit heated. Personal abuse is not allowed on this forum, and the Big Mods - ie, not me - will send you stern letters if that happens (and in the worst instances, revoke your membership).

    Fourthly, before making a new thread, check back over the four pages of already existing threads, to make sure one like it doesn't already exist.

    Fifth, If it's a spoiler, cover it up. Not sure if it is? Cover it up anyway. Don't know how? Don't post it until you do. [*SPOILER] Text in here [/*SPOILER] Just remove the *'s

    Sixth, there are to be no more new Fanfic threads OR "Game" Threads. If you want to start a different story up, use one of the old threads, links can be found on the Map thread. Alternatively you can use the Pellinor Proboards forum

    Stick to these rules, and everyone will be happy. Don't get me wrong - I'm delighted to see so many enthusiastic fans here - but I have to keep my house in order, and I have lots of other things to do.


    Alison Croggon
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    Spoilers and You.

    One of the biggest problems on the forums (besides the occasional off topic-ness ) is being lax when it comes to spoilers. As the books are published in different countries at different times, not everyone will have read every book and not every poster will have to recources to get a book from overseas.

    Out of courtesy to those who are unable to get their hands on the latest books, or are simply new to the books and forum, please tag and label all spoilers from Riddle, Crow and Singing.

    We live by the simple rules- If it's a spoiler, cover it up. Not sure if it is? Cover it up anyway. Don't know how? Don't post it until you do.

    Also, when posting a spoiler give a lead in to tell people what book it's about, so they'll know before hand whether or not to tread into the perilous teritory ahead.

    The tags for spoilers are
    [*SPOILER] text in here [/*SPOILER] just remove the *'s.
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    Very Important Please Read This! That includes newbies and oldies!

    Alright listen up folks! I'm going to sound like a bit of a big fat meanie but this needs to be done. I'm outlining rules and such. I know I'm not a Mod, so maybe Gem or Alison should be doing this but they can't keep an eye on us all the time as they are in a different time zone to most of us. Anyway read this or fear my wrath!

    • Introduce yourself in the right thread, not in Q+A, not in Who resembles maerad?, not anything other than the Introduce yourself thread.
    • Please dont use txt speak. lyk dis coz itz kwl wiv numbas instead of too/to and for. Its actually against the sffworld rules and it's annoying, because a lot of people dont understand. I'm not saying 'type everything properly' like with correct punctuation etc but please try typing full English words! (Though I think lol/lmao/rofl will be acceptable.)

      (YES, they are! Hobbit)

    • Try your bestest to not go off-topic in the wrong thread. I'm not perfect at it, so its okay but don't go over the top! There's an off-topic thread for that sort of stuff.
    • Do not offend people, we are all friends here, so please don't ruin that! (lol you will all probably all fall out with me after this so this rule is here to protect me!)
    • This is Alison Croggons Forum, therefore we dont make thread that aren't related to Her Awesomeness's books; though feel free to talk about other books in the 'What else do you read?' thread.

    Alright, now all you need to do is check out these threads:
    A map to the forum

    spoilers and you


    For the full list of forum rules/ guidelines please go here

    I know it probably isnt my place to write this thread, but Alison is a very busy person and Gemini (the other mod of this part of sffworld forums) can't be here all the time. She has a job, she's on a different time zone to a lot of us and there is a lot more of us who frequent the board then there is of her. So I just thought I'd (be nosy and meddling) try help out a bit.

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    Think you've covered things nicely there, bridie.

    I guess I should add that if you have any concerns, you can also contact any SFFWorld staff (including myself) and we can also deal with any problems.

    Best wishes

    Administrator at SFFWorld

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    Thank you very much Hobbit

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    Because so many people are asking, here are the tags for adding pictures to your posts etc.

    In all cases remove the *

    To add pictures
    [IMG] image url [/*IMG]

    To add a link
    [URL="the url of the website you're linking to"] text [/*URL]

    To make a block of text a "quote"
    [QUOTE="original poster's username"] text [/*QUOTE]

    Spoiler tags
    [SPOILER] text [/*SPOILER]

    Remember, all tags are the same but for the prompts.

    It might be helpful to bookmark this post, to do that click on number on the blue bar in the top right hand corner of this reply then add it to your favourites list for future reference.


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