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    Da Roolz (New Members - read this first!!!)/ Spoiler tags

    Hi all - I'm spending a bit too much time deleting irrelevant posts. And you don't want that, do you? You want me to be at my computer, writing the next thrilling instalment of the Pellinor series...

    So, please attend to some basic forum etiquette. (And read the SFF world forum guidelines, posted above).

    First, and most importantly: sffworld is not a chat site. So try to stay basically on-topic and post in the relevant threads. Otherwise I spend hours tidying up threads. I've put a special chattery thread for those who wish to stray endlessly off-topic, so head there if the impulse takes you. Remember that other people read these threads, and are put off by scrolling through screeds of irrelevant posts.

    Second, out of courtesy especially to members whose first language isn't English, avoid text message speak. It's hard to read.

    Thirdly, be nice, even if something gets you a bit heated. Personal abuse is not allowed on this forum, and the Big Mods - ie, not me - will send you stern letters if that happens (and in the worst instances, revoke your membership).

    Fourthly, before making a new thread, check back over the four pages of already existing threads, to make sure one like it doesn't already exist.

    Fifth, If it's a spoiler, cover it up. Not sure if it is? Cover it up anyway. Don't know how? Don't post it until you do. [*SPOILER] Text in here [/*SPOILER] Just remove the *'s

    Sixth, there are to be no more new Fanfic threads OR "Game" Threads. If you want to start a different story up, use one of the old threads, links can be found on the Map thread. Alternatively you can use the Pellinor Proboards forum

    Stick to these rules, and everyone will be happy. Don't get me wrong - I'm delighted to see so many enthusiastic fans here - but I have to keep my house in order, and I have lots of other things to do.


    Alison Croggon
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