The Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis (still havenít read it!)

The House of Storms - Ian R. MacLeod (Loved The Light Ages so planned to read the sequel)

The Chessmen of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs (just where I am up to on the series)

The Cry of the Newborn - James Barclay (really looking forward to this, loved the Raven books)

Grave Peril: Book Three of the Dresden Files - Jim Butcher (quite enjoy these books, and again itís where I am up to in the series)

Jimmy the Hand - Raymond E. Feist (just where I am up to on the series)

All four of the books below depend on me reading one and liking it as I hear they are all in the same vein, style wise. But they all sound pretty interesting so Iím willing to try them:

Veniss Underground - Jeff Vandermeer
The Etched City - K.J. Bishop
The Year of Our War - Steph Swainston
Vellum: The Book of All Hours: 1 - Hal Duncan